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  1. We have been finding that there is a calibration mismatch between the pass through video location of controllers and the real world location of the controllers. If you simply look in real world where tour hands and controllers are and then compare that to what the Vive Pro shows you will see this. Is this something that can be patch fixed by applying a transform in engine or does it need some rework to the SDK to compensate accordingly? Similarly it has been picked up on the hand tracking forum too: https://community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-Hand-Tracking-SDK/Hand-Tracking-SDK-SRWorks/td-p/31571
  2. Hi. This also happens with SRWorks on its own. If you have a motion controller visible in game with overlay active, there is an offset between the controller and the controller visible in pass through. Similarly if you look in reality then compare with pass through on screen, there is also an offset. Doesn't mean there isn't a mismatch with the hand tracking SDK too but definitely there is one with SRWorks
  3. Quick fix - my mistake. On Unreal versions newer than 4.18, the engine will run, however you will need to recompile the plugin itself. You can recompile plugins individually through a hard to find menu: Window --> Developer Tools --> Modules After this it appears to work.
  4. Every time I've selected the scanning module running in Unreal (using the Experience or the Plugin content), the engine crashes with no error information. I'm running Unreal 4.22.3 - Has anyone else had this issue and/or is there a fix for this?
  5. Unreal crashes for me in 4.22.3, having followed the instructions to copy the binaries into the Engine Source 3rd Party folder and also adding the plugin folder to the project directory. The crash comes about when I add a start hand tracking blueprint node into the scene. This is also the case when running the example map - as per the accompanying instructions. Is there a fix for this at all? ( - tag added by moderator)
  6. Thanks for the workaround. We've managed to get this working on a number of different machines now and with both wired and wireless headsets. We did the following (using wired for the initial install): We removed SRanipal, Tobii, SteamVR and Steam We ran the VivePro setup.exe (linked via https://www.vive.com/uk/setup/) We then installed VIVE_SRanipalInstaller_1.0.1.0.msi Calibration failed We forced an update (Enterprise environment was blocking update otherwise) by running SRanipal_Update_Service.exe (ran as admin - probably specific to our Enterprise environment) Calibration subsequently suceeded.
  7. Thanks for the help here. Have just followed your steps and still it is not working. Here are my details and will DM you the logs both the SteamVR generated ones and the SR Logs. Windows Version: - Windows 10 v1903 SteamVR: - 1.5.9 Admin Rights: Enterprise managed system with DefendPoint but with elevated permissions (note these were the same on the laptop - Razer - working on same Enterprise environment with Eye tracking working fine). Robot Face: Yes - with orange eyes which means idle About: Eye Camer Version 1.88.0-8106667
  8. We are having similar issues and have been talking with customer support - so far with no resolution. Whenever we try eye calibration it fails to initialise. The log file says that there is no eye tracking camera present on our hmd so tested this on another machine to be sure and eye tracking worked fine - so the headset isn't the issue. Have tried restarting, and removing steam fully and reinstalling via the vive pro setup. Any ideas?
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