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  1. i've try again and it works! 3 trackers were using and i am going to try with more. Waiting for the delivery~
  2. Thank you for your help, but it still doesn't work i am testing with 3 trackers, i can see the input debugger received all 3 inputs from trackers. But There is still only one trackers input was received in unity. p.s. I did the test with a new project.
  3. thank you so much! please let me know once have result :D
  4. Thank you for your reply. Is it only support 1 trackers input? Could you please help to try get input from 4 trackers or more at the same time?
  5. For unity 2019.1, i can get input from 2 controllers and 2 trackers poco input at most, usually 2 controllers and 1 tracker poco input only. For unity 2018.3, i only can get 2 devices input. e.g. 2 x controllers OR 1 controller and 1 tracker poco OR 2 trackers poco If i turn on the controller, the controller will take over the trackers input immediately, which means i can only use either 2 of controller or trackers input. p.s. if i turn on 2 controllers, trackers are not able to get input but still can track the position.
  6. I've also reach the same situration. i am using the hyper blaster with the tracker (2018), i cannot get the trigger/pag/menu/grip input from the tracker once the controllers are connected.
  7. As document described that 11 trackers can be supported, does anyone success to connect more than 2 trackers and able to use pogo pins input? I have 3 trackers on hand and i was able to connect all 3 trackers to steam vr and also able to track the position and rotation in unity 2019.1 with input utility plugin. But i can not get the pogo input from the third tracker, only success to get inputs from 2 controllers and 2 trackers at the moment. May i know is there any limitation on the number of trackers? Thank you so much. ( - tag added by moderator)
  8. Still not working, i can get input from two controller and 1 tracker at most time everytime i change the role for the tracker, the detection of input will be changed. e.g. i can get input from tracker A, but not Tracker B & C. If i change the role of any of tracker, i may get input from Tracker B or C. But i can only get input from TWO trackers at most, i had never get three trackers input at the same time. I have played with these all day, i am gonna crazy with such unreasonable settings. here is my enviroment vive pro 2 x controllers 3 x trackers unity 2019.1.7f1 STEAMVR 1.5.9 STEAMVR Plugin 2.3.2 (sdk 1.4.18) INPUT UTILITY PLUGIN (1.10.4) Please help!!! Thank you so much! @chengnay
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