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  1. Thanks for the reply and your PM. My title is already live in the Arcade. Unless I'm missing something it looks like you can only see arcades that have already played your game in the interface.
  2. I recently published The Relentless on Viveport Arcade. I would like to be able to send a message about my game to Viveport Arcade owners along with a free key (a Steam key if Viveport doesn't have the ability yet) so that they can evaluate it. Is there a directory of locations or any way to get in touch? Thanks.
  3. Thank you, that is working fine now :) I had missed the ViveportSwitch.exe to enter the Arcade Mode.
  4. I'm working on a game for release on Viveport arcade using UE4.18.2 and the latest Viveport SDK. DRM API calls appear to work fine. When I call IsReady for the arcade session I get the error below "IsReady failure. Code = 20001, message = Functions are not supported" This also occurs when using the demo component code provided in the SDK. I'm not really sure of the benefit of using the Arcade sessions. I notice that there is a checkbox when configuring your app so I assume you can publish to the arcade without including this functionality. I would be happy to include it if anyone can give me some pointers. Thanks.
  5. Update: I have recieved my first payment and the latest dashboard looks more informative, so everything seems to be running better now. Thanks.
  6. Original poster here. Well I still haven't been paid. I nearly got there, but after having a status of "Payment being processed" for two weeks, I've now got another email saying I need to supply tax forms. I already supplied the forms almost 3 months ago, but it seems I've got to do it all again now. It would be reassuring to hear from anyone who has recieved a payout. I've had so many issues with Viveport (not just relating to payouts) it's increadible. If I do finally get a payout it won't cover the hours of wasted time and stress caused. I'm hoping these are temporary issues due to it being a new venture, but I have very little faith left. I'll update the thread if I ever get a payout or if I cut my losses and remove my titles.
  7. Nearly two months now and still my bank details are "Under review". Has anyone outside of the USA and China had any payouts from Viveport?
  8. I submitted new bank details to recieve payments from Viveport weeks ago, but the status is still "Under review". Can anyone say if it's normal for this to take so long or should I be contacting someone to progress the issue?
  9. The additional terms and conditions for subscriptions enlightened me. I must have been rushing (as usual) and missed the link when I signed up.
  10. If someone downloads my game as part of the new subscription service, should it show as a download in my developer console and will it appear in my sales report like a normal sale (but with the subscription share)? Could you also please confirm how often the developer console figures are updated? Thanks.
  11. The Vive Objects SDK sounds like a really great idea. Are you planning to support an export workflow from UE4 in the future, or is the only approach to use Unity? I'd love to get the little droid from my game floating around Vive Home.
  12. I have the Viveport software installed. While testing on the Oculus, I set the Vive services to disabled and reboot. Occasionally the Vive processes still start up and take controll of the VR headset from the Oculus Home SDK and drop me in to the SteamVR / Vive loading screen. I have to use task manager to manually kill off the processes before I can continue developing. I don't think users should have to disable the services or kill processes. The Vive processes should not auto load and take control unless the Vive is actively being used. For users that own both the Vive and Oculus, this may lead them to uninstall the Viveport software.
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