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  1. Just to add: we are using the wireless adapter, so avoiding the headset turning off at some point is essentially impossible.
  2. We are running a programme in unity which logs eye tracking data. When we first run unity, we run eye calibration and get eye date logged fine. Our issue is that if the headset is turned off, and then turned back on again - whilst unity is still running - we are unable to get eye tracking data back, despite re-running a successful calibration. The Sranipal SDK shows the face with orange eyes. Is there any way around this? ( - tag added by moderator)
  3. I had the same problem using the wireless adaptor. I plugged in the headset to the link box ran the calibration and it worked -subsequently it now works every time using the wireless adaptor. Weird bug, but may be the problem if you are using the wireless adaptor.
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