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  1. Thank you for the response. I'd still like to know more specifics. Like what are the regions that local scores are shown by? I.e. are scores for all of Europe grouped together? Or just per country? Etc. Also, regarding the weekly, daily and monthly leaderboards, when do these reset? I.e. what time of day does the daily board reset? Is it the same time everywhere, or does it depend on timezones? What day of the week does the weekly board reset? My apologies if there is documentation I have missed that describes this
  2. Is there an API for programmatically creating/clearing leaderboards? Our game has 24 (plus another 24 for debug use) leaderboards that would be a pain to create by hand. We also have a weekly challenge leaderboard that needs to be cleared every week. Some kind of REST API would be ideal. Is there anything like this?
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