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  1. 3. I know the three different dartboards are present different distance, but I am wondering the tremble or shake of focus point occur when I try to focus on one area (the present of focus area is seem to move quickly between this area and the adjacent area in the same dartboard) is cause by the sensitive and accuracy of Vive pro eye device or it actually present the real eye movement? the eye really have nystagmus? 4. The environment I use is show as figure,(I'm sorry that I don't know how to caculate how many objects with colliders are involved in the scene..., may I ask how to do so? )
  2. 1. What are the accuracy and the unit of the eye position get from eyeData.verbose_data.left.gaze_origin_mm? I printed the value and found that I can get the value of five or six decimal place. Are they really present the accuracy of the eye position or just only noise data. 2. What does SetEyeParameter() really do? What is the sensitive factor of gaze ray in [0,1] mean and what can it affect the user? 3. The Focus Sample in the SDK present 3 DartBoards that can show the eye focus point in different areas, but I am curious about the tremble that occurs on the border of different areas
  3. Hi there, I am trying to obtain accurate eye positions for my study these days, according to the SDK document, there are two parameters that might suitable for my request, they are the gaze_origin_mm attribute under the SingleEyeData structure and the Vector2 postion from GetPupilPosition( ). However, I have some questions about these two parameters. First of all, the definition of gaze_origin_mm is "The point in the eye from which the gaze ray originates in meter miles. (right-handed coordinate system)". I believe the unit of measurement is millimeter instead of meter miles, I guess. After
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