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  1. I've been trying to use the Focus 3 for game development via SteamVR, and every time I try to run my game without the headset on and connected to the business streaming app it'll start freezing my computer randomly and the business streaming app stops outputting its signal for me to connect to. To fix it I'm stuck waiting until the freezes stop, or hard-resetting my computer but that's not exactly a solution if it means losing data. This seems like undesirable behavior so I'm hoping this can be fixed. The way I can reproduce it is using Unity, connect your headset to SteamVR, hit play in the editor and observe proper movement and behavior, then go out of play mode, wait for your headset to go to sleep, then hit play. SteamVR your whole computer will start freezing and becoming unresponsive save for a few seconds every couple seconds/minutes. Please fix?
  2. I already am on the beta. I think maybe it's just not filling in the finger curl values? Finger curls are the 0-1 values for how far down your fingers have gone, they're not just relevant for finger tracking controllers, but also for providing some finger movement in games that only animate using those values instead of the skeleton directly, which it appears isn't happening right now...
  3. Hello, I am the developer of Climbey, which is on the Business appstore, and I can't see any sales data. I've tried emailing my HTC contacts but no one seems to reply to emails anymore, so I figured I would try posting about it here. I know I've got a couple sales at least, because I can see the Focus 3 headset pop up in my analytics data, but the backend number remains on zero even after 3-ish months of being on the business appstore. Any help? -Brian
  4. Hey, I noticed the Vive Business Streaming connection to SteamVR doesn't actually fill out the skeletal data in the SteamVR skeletal API, is there a reason for this? I know it uses the Vive Cosmos bindings in most games but I do believe with the capacitive touch on these controllers the skeletal data should be able to look a lot nicer than Cosmos' skeletal animations, and just not including them at all seems silly to me. Any reason for this or is it just an oversight that is going to get fixed? (Specifically, the finger curl data isn't being filled out out all.) @Tony PH Lin @Alex_HTC
  5. Oh, I'd also like to know if I can record and have the mic pass through to the app as well as the recording with this update! Previously when I hit the record button the microphone got disconnected from the online game I was playing, which kind of ruins recording online footage...
  6. Nice update! I wonder what exactly the effect is of turning off the high performance setting... Does it lower the clock speed on the SoC or does it lower the refresh rate of the screen? Maybe the resolution too? Does it have an effect on battery life? Less aggressive fan ramp up?
  7. Ordered a battery and EU-plug 30watt charger yesterday, arrived in the mail today, glad to see EU selling the battery now! 🙂
  8. I'm still waiting for the batteries to go on sale in the EU.... It seem they're available on the US site now but that doesn't ship the EU countries so I'm stuck waiting.... Any ETA or explanation for the EU's lack of batteries being for sale at all?
  9. Fair enough. I think people are expecting something more in line with Virtual Desktop which can push over 2500x2500 per eye on Quest 2 and set its bitrate to 866mbps or even higher. I don't think anyone expects it to match USB quality or latency, but I feel like you can get a lot more quality out of wifi than you're currently getting, since you've seemingly arbitrarily maxed it out at 100mbps and 2048x2048 per eye... Eagerly awaiting updates. 🙂
  10. Hey there, I'd love an option to record at higher resolutions, maybe 1080x1080 or something? I understand it might have a higher performance impact, and maybe it should be a setting with that added as a warning, but if I'm using a light app, like the Vive Business Streaming app, I should have performance headroom to use for recording at higher resolution right? Would make the videos recorded on the device a lot nicer to use for Youtube as it'd just be a lot sharper and convey the actual headset's resolution better in videos. Thanks, Brian
  11. I'm also waiting for them to be available here (Europe). The Australian listing puzzled me because to my understanding Australia is actually the strictest about high capacity battery shipments ironically enough haha. Good to know you've done your part in terms of shipping, kinda sad to hear it's entirely out of HTC's hands.
  12. Yeah same, I feel like they're under-serving the non-business users that bought the Focus 3 currently. They'd do well with separating business and non-business in the same device somehow- perhaps through having business and non-business accounts and having it show different stores depending on what type of account you're on.
  13. Haven't tried it yet but did check to see if you've raised the bitrate cap yet- it's still capped at 100 mbps! Please let me use more of my available bandwidth to improve the image quality 🙏
  14. Great stuff, the wireless streaming feels a lot more consistent now. Any idea when you'll make the bitrate have a wider range? My 5ghz router should let me do up to 800mbit but the app is capped at 100 which makes the image look softer than I'd expect for the resolution I'm setting it at, would be great if this could be added as a possibility, some routers might have even more bandwidth to spare.
  15. It's already a thing. "Vive Business Streaming" is their PCVR streaming app, it does both wired and wireless streaming and is completely free. They still cap the bitrate on it a lot though which is hampering perceived quality quite a bit, but they offer up to 2048x2048 per eye in terms of resolution, it just looks a little softer than you'd expect because the bitrate is currently capped at 100mbits.
  16. Hey, I'm the developer of Climbey, and I've had very little success actually getting the couple consumers that bought the Focus 3 to buy the game. One person told me the store only accepts Credit cards, which is already a huge hurdle to begin with, and then while you're buying content on the store it also asks for a "commitment" to a "perpetual license" and some of the wording there makes them feel like they're going to be stuck in a recurring license fee. Climbey is a one-time purchase title but people are generally afraid of buying content because the wording of the purchasing process makes them think they're going to be paying a monthly fee, which is incorrect and scares people off. As a side thing, I'd love for people to have less overall hurdles to buying content, let them buy things directly in-headset, and let them link their paypal account to their HTC account so they're not forced to use credit cards to buy content. Maybe just use all the things the regular Viveport store uses for payment? I don't see why this business appstore even has to be separate, let business stuff just be a category in the store instead of the main purpose. Consumers are definitely buying this headset, but they're not buying content because of the store's payment setup. I've sent a bunch of suggestions over via email but haven't been getting a response so I figured I'd raise the store issues here... -Brian
  17. Great update! Climbey had some controller drift while holding long-press buttons and while hanging on to ziplines because of the vibration happening, that's just gone now! Great job to the tracking engineering team :)
  18. +1 on this, I really want to know more. Not just the specs of the headset but also any info about the mobile part that was teased and hinted at so much.
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