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  1. I also have this problem. I sent my headset to HTC last week for warranty repair. I got it back today, and it seems they may have done nothing to it but reflash the bios. Havent had a chance to check it at home yet, but I think it's unlikely that a software update can fix it. Ive watched some teardown videos for these headsets and it seems like thos cameras are just push fitted into a metal housing, so if they aren't in there perfectly then there is no tweak the alignment. And if HTC have no way of measuring the alignment then they can't determine if there is a fault. So I guess this is the end of HTC purchases for me. Can't trust the build quality or engineering integrity. If by some miracle the software update fixed it then I will update this thread. In the meantime, there is another thread in this forum with the same issue, @jagibson
  2. Still not seeing any response from HTC about this. And they just released a new headset that uses cameras for tracking 😮
  3. update, I had another look at how my cameras are displaying the images. It seems the left camera is aligned too low but correct left to right. And the left camera is aligned the correct height but too far to the left. After looking at teardown vids showing how these are constructed, it looks like the camera modules are snap fitted into a rigid metal housing. there may be room for error in how well they fit into the housing. In any case there is no built in adjustment in hardware to tweak the alignment or calibrate them, and nothing in software to do it. Its just pot luck if they fit perfectly or not. I don't see how these cameras could be used for anything serious in the future like hand presence etc. HTC needs to come up with a software calibration fix for this. Ive seen some really old posts about this and the radio silence from HTC really breaks my confidence in any future HTC products. I don't want to rely on luck for any future purchase, and i really hate the hassle of returns and trying to convince someone your cameras aren't perfectly aligned (needs to be perfect)
  4. I'd like to know about this too. After months of hating the view in tron mode i finally realised what was wrong. my left camara is misaligned too far left. So with the right eye, the virtual controller aligns ok with the room view controller, but with the left the room view controller is to the right of the virtual controller. It always gave me a cross eyed feeling, and i used to use tron mode all the time with my original vive, but with the vive pro i never use it. there doesn't seem to be a software or firmware adjustment for it.
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