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  1. That's very interesting @Dario I will consult our team if this is something we would do. If we decide that is our next approach, where would we find this tool?
  2. Purchased multiple headsets in Norway Stuck as 1.69 as well Will we not be able to update to the latest ROM, because our suppliers purchase from China? @JustinVive
  3. 🤣 I understand, we're holding tight!
  4. That makes sense, I do understand that you signing an third party APK would be a cause of concern. I cannot argue against that, but I do beg that there is at least some solution to this either you building your own webview and sign that or some other way for me and the rest of the community to be able to utilize a new and updated Webview 🙂 It's very useful for business applications, as we can integrate with existing systems and create interactive solutions.
  5. Any new information? @chengnay 😄
  6. Hi, @chengnay! The reason for this is that Google builds their webview with the package name com.google.android.webview, whilst any custom built ROM or any custom built webview has the package name com.android.webview. This means you have currently installed two webviews, but the Focus only attempts to use com.android.webview. There is a button in Dev options on the focus to switch which webview you want to use, but this does not work you can't switch it. Google does this so you can update their webview through play store, whilst any custom built webview won't be affected by googles own updates. It's to allow for custom webviews with custom code to not be removed and replaced with googles updates.
  7. Hi! I do believe this one is correct, however I can't guarantee as I have no prior experience with building the webview, but it seems to be correct. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pImIuSvPK-ClHXxpJL17OWp-jm-xxOk-/view?usp=sharing Had to use google drive, as the attachment limit on this forum was limited. @chengnay
  8. Hi @chengnay! I followed https://www.chromium.org/developers/how-tos/build-instructions-android-webview On a Ubuntu VM. I'll get to building a version for you that I can send 🙂
  9. Hi! Is there a way to obtain root, of course legally to the enterprise headset? We'd love to make some adjustments, but we currently don't possess the authority over the device to make these changes. @Ken_Lee @Tony PH Lin
  10. Compiled my own version, however as this is not the dev glasses I can't access root to remove the preinstalled webview. Any tips? 🙂
  11. Actually, we just ordered 3 more headsets and it seems to come manufactured in a lower brightness level. We'll have to manually adjust it in ADB it seems to get the full brightness we want. 🙂 That cleared up the confusion.
  12. Hi! We struggled with the same issue, the important thing is to set and manage "Translucency Sort Priority" and you should be able to manage these issues.
  13. Hi! I see that my version of WebView is 52, is there any plans on upgrading this or could I go ahead and do it manually? In which case what is the recommended procedure to do that. @Tony PH Lin @Cotta
  14. That's the interesting part, never knew what he did I just got handed the headset and it was in lower brightness @Tony PH Lin @Cotta
  15. To clarify @Ken Lee we do not want them to be able to change it, what we noticed is that it was changed even during kiosk mode. We're trying to establish why it changed.
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