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  1. I keep having instant grey screens. Especially when a scenario such as "crouch and turn your head". The grey screen doesn't happen when the headset gets overheated it starts at the beginning of the steam vr Home / Lobby . There is no vibration on the base stations (checked and double checked). The Vive camera is off. There is no bottleneck on the GPU or CPU I have set up station with dimensions 2.4x2.4 (5.76 m2). The base stations are set up to the corners of the room The base stations are mounted with a angle of 40 degrees. The base stations are mounted at a height of 2 m. The base stations are connected with the sync cable. (Mode A and Mode B). The data cable is connected to the usb 2.0 port I have 3 more set ups with the same specs with no problem at all. What i have tried and failed. changing the usb ports to 3.0 changing the base stations with brand new ones. changing the cable with a brand new one. changing headset with a brand new one covering all reflective surfaces. changing the pc with a non problematic stations pc. changing the height of the base stations. not using the sync cables. Anyone got an idea or a known fix for this issue
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