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  1. wrote: and maybe bool valid = true; at the beginning of function ? otherwise it didn't recognize valid Yeah, good point.
  2. I've found another typo in Unity version of SRanipal SDK, version File: ViveSR\Scripts\SRanipal_Eye.cs, line 162 Function: SRanipal_Eye.GetEyeOpenness(EyeIndex eye, out float openness) Description: Function always returns true, despite code comments saying that it should return data validity. Solution: Change line return true; to return valid PS: While UE version of SDK doesn't have this error, it also doesn't check whether framework is active, while Unity current version does. This is also probably not intended behaviour.
  3. Hello. I'm interested in one of the fields of Combined Data, convergence distance. However, it always returns zero (and corresponding validity is false), even after calibration. Are there any additional steps required to enable it or is it not working at all?
  4. I've e-mailed it to 7invensun, guess I'll also share it here There is a small error in Unity version of SRanipal SDK, version, probably caused by copy-pasting error. File: ViveSR\Scripts\SRanipal_Eye.cs, line 366 Function: SRanipal_Eye.Focus(GazeIndex index, out Ray ray, out FocusInfo focusInfo, float maxDistance) Description: maxDistance parameter is ignored in later call Solution: Change line return Focus(index, out ray, out focusInfo, 0, float.MaxValue); to return Focus(index, out ray, out focusInfo, 0, maxDistance);
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