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  1. I'm designing a VR room with the dimensions of W=8meters, L=11meters, H=3.6meters. These measurements are the room dimensions. The playing area will be smaller by a bit. I will be using OptiTrack Flex 13 motion trackers with Steam OpenVR Driver and streaming tracking data through OptiTrack's Motive software. The Vive HMD will be tagged with passive 3M 7610 reflective material for tracking. I'm trying to find a solution for Vive 5m tether, restricting the playable area. One option would be to use a VR backpack PC. A more intseresting option is the Vive Wireless adapter. When it comes to the wireless adapter. What are the hardware limitations? What is the max distance the receiver can be from the transmitter? Is there any knows issues with using the wireless adapter and OptiTrack tracking hardware?
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