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  1. I believe your VP2 is on the way back to you already. I've also checked the ticket, I think they have tested it before sending it out. It should be fine.
  2. Can you try to uninstall it from the windows -> settings -> remove apps ? I'm opening a support ticket to related team for this issue. Thanks for the patient.
  3. you don't need to install vive console if you are using HTC VIVE (OG Vive)
  4. mine works fine. with the same W11 built. Have you tried this article yet?
  5. Sorry to confuse you all, the OpenXR option is for Cosmos only. Cosmos Elite and VP2 will need to use SteamVR OpenXR, and by default you don't need to change anything.
  6. VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes Released September 23rd 2021 Vive Console [General] Improved compositor performance Stability improvements [Cosmos] Bug fixes on Vive Dashboard (Lens) [OpenXR] Added OpenXR runtime option in Vive Console (click Menu -> Advanced -> OpenXR Runtime) ViveVR openXR is for Cosmos Only
  7. Can you run this .exe from below path and choose uninstall? D:\Programs\Viveport\VIVE\Updater\App\PCClient\ViveportDesktopSetup- And then run the vivesetup.exe which download from vive.com again. If it is still not working, please get me below log for further investigation. D:\Programs\Viveport\VIVE\PCClient\xxx.txt Thanks
  8. The current release should be okay to run on Win11 (22000.194). Let me know if you find any issue on your end
  9. EU site should have it very soon in 1 or 2 more weeks.
  10. Try with the 3.0 ones, may be more stable than the 3.1 ones. At least my 3.0 works better than 3.1. Cheers
  11. I saw the ticket was closed, would you like to open up another one and send in for inspection?
  12. please update your Focus 3 to 3.0.999.172, and turn on USB compatibility mode in advance tab. You should be good to go now.
  13. USB and DP can use the same one. You need to install vive console for Vive Pro 2. Currently, there are 2 ways to obtain the software, from Steam or from vive.com. Thanks
  14. You need to update the Linkbox and All in one cable for VP2.
  15. It should work just fine. we've been testing with 22000.184. What's your error msg?
  16. @AmazingTechVR Please try this 1) Connect everything (please do it with wired, not wireless) 2) Close Vive Console 3) Power off Linkbox 4) Long press Headset button on the left (hold it) 5) Power on Linkbox, and wait for about 3~5 sec until PC detected 6) Turn on Vive Console, and let it recover from firmware update. Let me know if it is still not working out for you, then I can leave a note to support team to RMA your device for further inspection.
  17. Next FOTA will address this issue. Thanks for the patient.
  18. Yes, we also noticed this issue. Please try unplug the headphone before you power up the focus 3 to avoid the crashe now. Thanks
  19. Feel free to try out your repaired vive pro 2, but I think you device should be good now.
  20. Have you tried Vive Input Utility? It may be helpful for your case. One thing that if you aren't developing standalone content on Focus 3, you probably need Wave SDK to work. if you are aiming for PCVR content that streams through VBS to Focus 3, you will only need openVR.
  21. VIVE Focus 3 Software 3.0.999.172 –Release Notes Released September 8th 2021 What’s new Sideload APKs to internal storage or SD card and install them through Settings > Storage > File browser Added support for more USB chipsets by adding USB compatibility mode in Settings > Advanced *Enable this mode only when your PC can’t detect the headset via USB Enhancements and fixes Made the power menu always accessible when pressing and holding the Headset button Fixed a bug where keyboard wouldn’t open during sign-in Applied bug fixes to screen recording function and out of boundary detection Hand tracking (for developers) Improved hand tracking gesture recognition, including pinch and cross hands Special customization (for enterprises)* Added options to disable menus, notifications, and button events Added support for customizing tracking systems Added support for MDM client installation via batch configuration *For enterprise customization options, please contact HTC sales through https://business.vive.com/
  22. Yeah, you will need this. https://www.vive.com/uk/accessory/power-bank-21w/
  23. you will also need a power bank rated 21W or higher
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