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  1. sure https://www.vive.com/ca/accessory/cosmos-external-tracking-faceplate/
  2. I agree with you, I'll pass this request.
  3. Yes, we had to disable Type C USB port on HMD when attaching wireless adapter on Cosmos Elite. However, it's a tough decision to make, as we have to prioritize things among visual quality, bandwidth, thermal, and battery life.
  4. @ZenMalibuif you are still not able to fix the issue by updating the USB driver Contact me in private msg, I will help you out.
  5. actually, Elite faceplate is capable of controlling BS by itself 🙂
  6. you should be able to play it as long as your account is still in plan.
  7. It's normal that you see one eye is rendering a little off from the other. It shouldn't effect the image clarity inside the HMD, unless it does to you.
  8. I think it's quite normal if the content(with price tag, not free) but play through infinity account that doesn't show up under the order history. right?
  9. Camera function should be disabled on Cosmos Elite. Hand tracking SDK currently only supported on the following VR HMDs: Vive, VIVE Pro, Vive Pro Eye, VIVE Cosmos, VIVE Cosmos XR, VIVE Focus Plus, VIVE Focus and Valve Index.
  10. Origin is currently exclusive for Vive Cosmos only.
  11. Nop, you are good. Thanks to your post so that I could fix the error msg from the customer care (HDMI/DP convertor).
  12. Is it a custom built laptop or PC? Mind if you can share the spec? and HDMI to DP won't work in this case.
  13. Can you contact vive support directly for this? https://www.vive.com/support/contactus/
  14. Try installing Vive Elite setup guide through Viveport. Seems you are missing vive console from the information you provided.
  15. Can you send me your email via private msg? I'd like to discuss with you if we could remote debug on your PC for you. Thanks
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