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  1. I thought we did update the page already https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/vive-cosmos-software-release-notes-beta-latest/ the improved pass through launch time version will be out soon. stay tuned
  2. wait, are you using Cosmos(not Elite) with Index controller?
  3. https://www.vive.com/us/support/cosmos/category_howto/joining-the-beta-program.html please follow the instruction above to switch between beta and public release. Thanks
  4. We didn't find anything wrong in the log, it might be something else causing it. Can you switch to beta line and switch back to Public line to see if it recover?
  5. can you check if you are on when you switch to openXR ? we have a hotfix today.
  6. Can you hit the report issue inside setting and let me check the log?
  7. nope, it won't work. Cosmos controller only work under 6 cam version of Cosmos. If you want to use with Cosmos Elite, you will need a light house version controller, for example Vive Wands.
  8. Are you able to submit a log for me? I can have my team to check for more detail.
  9. Check this, it may help https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/sdk/vive-srworks-sdk/
  10. Are you able to play once you installed everything including vive console? I'll have teams to fix the wrong msg during the installation soon but it shouldn't effect your playing right?
  11. just make sure you plug in your main monitor and Cosmos Elite on the same GPU, vive console should be able to pick the correct one to run. Otherwise, submit an issue with logs may help
  12. Unfortunately, we don't have plans to support Linux for now.
  13. send a log so that I can check for detail?
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