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  1. Is it a custom built laptop or PC? Mind if you can share the spec? and HDMI to DP won't work in this case.
  2. Can you contact vive support directly for this? https://www.vive.com/support/contactus/
  3. Try installing Vive Elite setup guide through Viveport. Seems you are missing vive console from the information you provided.
  4. Can you send me your email via private msg? I'd like to discuss with you if we could remote debug on your PC for you. Thanks
  5. please contact vive support directly via below link, I'll make a note after seeing the ticket. Vive Support Contact
  6. @GraySay Regarding to the PC driver issue, team would like you to perform the troubleshooting steps on the same PC again, and screen capture the device manager for us to check if you are still stuck the same error code. Side Notes, be sure to reboot PC and Cosmos after delete the driver in device manager Thanks
  7. @GraySay have you restart PC and open up VIVE console to trigger software update again? if it is still not fix, could you submit one more issue report to me after? Thanks
  8. Please try the following step to see if it can be recovered. Restart computer and Cosmos. Launch Vive Console to see if issue is still happened. If error 008 is still happened, don’t click on any button on Vive Console. Start Device Manager from Windows. Find the corrupted device driver from Device Manager. It may show like below but it is with the exclamation mark. In the device's Properties dialog box, click the Driver tab, and then click Uninstall. Check the checkbox for deleting the driver of the device and follow the instructions. Restart computer. Launch Vive Console and software update should be executed. After software download is done, the device driver should be installed again.
  9. Hey @T This is clearly a bug to us, could you submit one issue report so that we can take a look? Thanks
  10. VIVE Cosmos Released September 9th 2020 [Tool Update] Enhanced camera calibration to improve tracking stability while HMD is in use
  11. C.T.

    Laptop adapter

    you may want to open the tab of configure surround, physX tab from Nvidia control panel to check if any one of the type C is on the 2080 card And from there, you will just need a decent type C to Display-port converter to use. (Image just for reference)
  12. I don't think you need to change anything physically, but just alter the setting will do the trick - as u mentioned it worked, right?
  13. @tylernips few tips for you to see if it helped. Do you think you can download USB TreeView and generate a full report for me? I'll have teams to check more detail from there. another one is Can you switch to other USB 3.0 port to see if the 009 still there?
  14. Can you try switching to different audio path as show below to see if the dropping still there? Thanks
  15. @domictrixz, Please follow 1 & 2 and choose your device accordingly.
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