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  1. I think I have intercepted one of the issue report you send in. The temperature looks fine from the log, can you submit a bug report after the fan is running high in beta?
  2. Check out the "set forward" inside lens -> settings. It should work.
  3. perhaps checking the NV control panel first?
  4. Please check your inbox in the top right corner. Let me know if it works. Thanks
  5. @truehand Can you send me files from below directories? I'll have teams to help you. Thanks %temp%\ViveSetupTempLog %temp%\ViveLauncher
  6. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released December 17th 2020 [Runtime] Enabled motion compensation support for NV 30 serious cards Solved memory leak problem if user disable DP audio. Supported Vive Hand Tracking SDK on Elite. [Vive Console] Refine the mechanism of error messages and UI bug fixes. [Lens] Able to switch between multiple screens in desktop mirror mode Refined Desktop mirror mode UI & UX
  7. It is not suggested to copy the files from one PC to the other since there's a few registries needed to be configured along with the installation.
  8. Seems like you don't need to update, coz you are on the latest one already. You can just ignore it. "Upgrade from 1461100729 to 1461100729 needed"
  9. Please check out below FAQ on motion compensation https://www.vive.com/eu/support/cosmos/category_howto/what-is-motion-compensation.html
  10. make sure you connect the eGPU with TB3 port, and you may need to enable the connection at the first time
  11. Yes, Origin is exclusively for Cosmos now. (inside out tracking only, not the elite version)
  12. you may find "add or remove programs" by searching from start menu from there, search for vive software, and then you will be able to uninstall the software. Best wishes,
  13. Can you supply an issue report to me and provide the trace number?
  14. Elite update will be released via Vive console. Can you share the screenshot or steamVR system report to check?
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