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  1. Just double check that camera test will fail when HMD is in standby mode. Have you tried to make it in the valid tracking status then click the test?
  2. did you have good tracking coverage while doing the Camera TEst?
  3. VIVE Business Streaming Software 1.05.1 – Beta Release Notes Released October 15th 2021 VBS Console – 1.05.1 [General] Fixed a microphone noise issue on rare conditions
  4. We are still waiting too, but we've also been told to verify on the next release.
  5. This generally related to USB driver, you may want to use reset steamVR USB Device from steamVR settings to see if it recovers From your host computer, go to SteamVR > Settings > Developer. Make sure the Developer Settings checkbox is checked, Link
  6. VIVE Software – Public Release Notes Released October 8th 2021 Vive Console [General] Fixed a performance issue after playing certain content over long period Fixed a bug where VIVE console doesn’t show up when SteamVR monitor is minimized Hot fix for specific AMD GPUs that crashed with Vive Software update [Cosmos] Bug fixes on Vive Dashboard (Lens) Fixed a bug where Vive Lens in a rare chance will not display properly when enabling motion compensation on some workstation [Cosmos Elite] Added localization to headset button function under advance tab [Vive Pro 2] Added DSC support for newly released GPUs Fixed a bug where users may not able to select Ultra/Extreme mode when installed multiple GPUs on one system [OpenXR] Added OpenXR runtime option in Vive Console (click Menu -> Advanced -> OpenXR Runtime) Fixed an error which causes game engine to crash between the switch of editor mode and play mode Re-map VIVE Cosmos Controller to other controllers
  7. VIVE Business Streaming Software 1.05– Beta Release Notes Released October 7th 2021 VBS Console – 1.05 [General] Support microphone Fixed an issue where console not exit in some conditions VBS Client - (update through Vive Business App Store) Support microphone
  8. Stay tuned, it's coming out soon~ Cheers
  9. You can always option into beta release via VBS console under setting -> advance tab.
  10. Let me discuss with our service team about this. yeah, no need to submit new logs for now Thanks.
  11. It does look like you have erased the original json file for Elite by accident? Please contact local customer service to see if they can help you with this. Thanks.
  12. Just quick check, the IP is ? the screenshot is showing And another thing you can check is the XR Plug-in management section, be sure the desktop WaveXR is also selected. Thanks
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