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  1. @Doffen22 try read the mini dump after crash, and let us know where it crashed, if that's a bit too complicated. you may share with me the dump file via PM. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/315263/how-to-read-the-small-memory-dump-file-that-is-created-by-windows-if-a Thanks
  2. Let’s moved the discussion to Thanks
  3. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released January 17th2020 [Tracking] Controller Optimized controller pose tracking [Lens] Fixed a bug where the setting your forward direction through Lens wasn't working Fixed Setting UI bugs (Thanks to @Mr.Killjoy) [Origin] Added Chinese New Year decorations
  4. @Mr.Killjoy could you update the viveport again to or later. you may click "check for update, and you can change the language via viveport. Thanks, @llealloo @a21aaron @TomCgcmfc @Retsu There will be another tracking update soon, please stay tuned. Thanks
  5. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released January 15th 2020 [Vive Runtime] When using wireless, the audio is now reported correctly to Windows. Improved support for systems with multiple GPUs – it is now able to detect which GPU the HMD is plugged into, and appropriately render the compositor on that GPU. Improved support for external GPUs when using a laptop already equipped with both an iGPU and dGPU. Error code adjustments for Nvidia and AMD graphic cards. Fixed error 210 for PC suspend and resume case. [Vive Lens] Added support for “Set Forward Direction" and "Set Floor Height" in settings for manual adjustments of the play area. [Vive Console] Improved firmware update UI experience. [OOBE] Updated download page and updated UI.
  6. for those who play lone echo via revive, please PM me. I'll send you a test build to check for color correction soon Thanks
  7. Try unhook the Cosmos Headset (3.5mm AJ) to some other 3.5mm AJ device. If the sizzle sound is gone, then you might want to try different USB port or use High def audio path.
  8. If your vive console is already, then you are good to update. Although wireless update is okay, but I still strongly suggest to update your firmware via wire connection. Thanks
  9. Feel free to exit from the beta program and into the public release of the update. We did some backend changes to try and resolve the issue. Thanks
  10. Bare with me, I will get back to you soon
  11. I'll PM for further assistance. Thanks
  12. Hey @NikNargon, sorry for the delay. You have mentioned that you have updated the NV driver to 2080Ti. Could you try DDU the NV driver and reinstall the latest or roll back to previous working version to see if it helped? Thanks
  13. Hi @Lojzik, Could you try clear the environment data for me? and redo roomsetup to see u can get over the next step?? Thanks,
  14. Do u mind submitting an issue report to me via vive console and letting me know when u saw the freezes? Thanks
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