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  1. I c ,,,thanks for letting us know. We will have internal review on this symptom.
  2. Would you mind sending me a few issue reports via vive console after you experience the issues? and leave the "rd_log_request" along with the issue you currently experience with? You may refer to the Link to see how to submit. Thanks
  3. Normally, your issue should be resolved by power cycle HMD -> clear environment data -> redo roomsetup. Feel free to PM if that's still not the case.
  4. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released March 31st 2020 [Tracking] Controller Improved controller tracking for better sniper stance accuracy
  5. This doesn't sound normal to me. Can you file one issue report via Vive console and attention to Caesar - RD_Log_Request? Thanks,
  6. Hi @TP0 Can you send me a log through Issue report when you see 210/201 next time? This is a rare PC set up to us, I want to have internal review to see if there's any potential error. Thanks,
  7. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released March 27th 2020 [Tracking] Controller Overall reduction in controller jitter, improving precise movements in e.g. Angry Birds and Tilt Brush [Vive Console] Added a troubleshooting link to help improve tracking environment [Room Setup] Updated hint strings for tracking notifications Updated “Pull and hold trigger” string in Japanese [Origin] Added a new introduction video for first time users during setup or when relaunching the Tutorial
  8. Have you tried to redeem the code on Steam?
  9. If you can’t disable safe mode and find headset is not connected on steam VR monitor at SteamVR 1.10.28. Please follow the instructions below for short term solution. 1. Please close SteamVR and update to beta 1.10.30 version. *How to update SteamVR beta 1.10.30 · Find SteamVR app on Steam game list and launch properties after closing SteamVR. · Select “beta – SteamVR Beta Update. · Close Steam VR monitor to trigger auto update 2. After updating to SteamVR beta 1.10.30, click unblock to ViveVR in “manage add-ons” page. 3. Switch on ViveVR status and restart SteamVR. 4. After restarting SteamVR, you will find the HMD successfully connected, and you may also dismiss the “Add-on blocked” message
  10. could you send in a report via Viveport app?
  11. @Adalast Can you try the reset button located through below path? Vive console -> settings -> troubleshooting -> reset Your headset should be fine, the error is on the PC side.
  12. Send me an issue report, let me check the logs. However, 201 usually means the DP is not connected, you might want to check that cable first. Thanks
  13. VIVE Cosmos – Public Release Notes Released March 3rd 2020 [Tracking] HMD Reduced HMD movement jitter Controller Overall performance improvement on controller tracking in VR [Runtime] Adjusted color correction for content running through compatibility libraries (such as Revive) – Forum Issue Link Fixed a memory leak bug that would build up over time [Lens] Fixed a bug where the setting your forward direction through Lens wasn't working Fixed Setting UI bugs
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