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  1. right click should be bumper key "A"/"X". try it
  2. mind submitting an issue report to me? and let me know what the trace number is?
  3. C.T.

    Fan not woking?

    What was your ticket number or contact email address? Feel free to send me via DM, let me check what happened. Sorry that I forgot to check in with you on the result. Let me see what I can do here.
  4. PM me, I'll help you roll back to previous public version if you like
  5. You don't want to know where those versions are. 😋 Feel free to leave any comments on the newly added feature, I will see what we can do to polish the desktop mode better.
  6. Both Cosmos & Cosmos Elite. Thanks
  7. VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released in June 30th 2020 [Lens] Enabled new feature – desktop mirror [Runtime] Fixed a bug which VR compositor occasionally crash after switching different contents Fixed a memory leak bug for Cosmos wireless users (Thanks to Beta_Tester) Fixed a bug which HMD shows black screen if user disable camera in Windows Camera privacy settings
  8. Any chance to try the setup on W10 environment then?
  9. Hi there, Currently, Cosmos series only support Windows 10, suggest to update your OS to Win 10 to have better support. However, could you follow the instruction below to submit Cosmos logs to us? We maybe able to check if there's any possible errors. Thanks,
  10. @adamay05 Your display driver is outdated as we checked the log, you will need to update to more recent ones such as 20.4.2 or 20.5.1, either one will work just fine. https://www.amd.com/en/support/graphics/amd-radeon-r9-series/amd-radeon-r9-300-series/amd-radeon-r9-390x
  11. @adamay05 please follow the overhead msg instruction, if it is still not working, send me a bug report. Thanks
  12. Teams are working on it, it's not as simple as it looks.
  13. C.T.

    Fan not woking?

    Please contact customer service, they will guide you through how to test the functionality about the fan.
  14. Well, Performance Priority Mode is designed to improve the wireless experience. It works by scaling down the resolution slightly to allow for more system resources for the wireless performance. And rendering resolution scaling is automatically adjusted by SteamVR based on the performance of the PC and the headset it's driving. Not sure about how good the heart of your PC is, but if you do have a powerful VR PC and did not find anything wrong without performance priority mode, keep it off for better experience.
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