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  1. VIVE Business Streaming Software 1.03.4 – Beta Release Notes Released July 28th 2021 VBS Console – 1.03.4 Improved performance and stability Direct to VBS tech Forum from clicking the version number on VBS console Welcome to raise any issues and suggestions on the forum VBS Client – 1.0.4 (update through Vive Business App Store) Fixed a bug where virtual boundary could show up unexpectedly after resume
  2. Thanks, can you get into msinfo32 and screenshot this page for reference? I don't too many experience with AMD CPU laptop, this will help me identify the problem.
  3. Have you tried with other USB 3.0 ports already? If so, mind if you share your PC spec with me? Thanks
  4. @cees Please contact customer care for your device, my colleague in care support team cannot help you if you don't do so.
  5. VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes Released July 23rd 2021 Vive Pro 2 [Firmware] Updated firmware to improve device performance and stability Vive Console [General] Modified typo on vive console [Vive Pro 2] Added Audio feature – Ambient noise cancellation Fixed a bug where flicker is observed on the right-eye when playing content using R.E.A.L mod [Vive Lens] Improved initialization time
  6. Alright, if you do see the issue again, please feel free to let me know.
  7. btw, did you receive any error codes when using beta version which you were not able to connect? I wanna check if there's anything we missed.
  8. Alright, you will need a compatible Link box or Index HMD to be able to use the power management on SteamVR. But since you were able to set up full body tracking with Q2 and lighthouse system, the information you need may show up in the SteamVR system report
  9. Why would you need base stations for if you are using Quest 2?
  10. Try with chrome? there should be a pop out dialog on the right hand side
  11. What headset and linkbox do you use?
  12. have you checked the power management setting inside steamVR? it's under the menu -> devices
  13. I modified the link, it seems is our mistakes haven't got the redirection ready. There's no beta app actually, we updated the client on the Vive Business App Store at the same time support more vibration levels.
  14. Seems I'm unable to reply directly to a Status also.

    The email was actually part of a Vive Business invitation, and upon registering for the forums, did not receive a request to verify. My profile states "100% complete" and the post-forum-registration email states "Welcome to Community Forum and thank you for joining" with no option to verify.

    Sorry to be awkward!

    1. C.T.


      it's cool, you are good now.

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