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  1. I have followed the instructions for installing the SRanipal runtime and imported the SDK package into my Unity scene. I have the latest versions of Unity, SteamVR, and the SRanipal runtime/SDK. I am able to see a symbol for SRanipal in the system tray, and its eyes are green. SteamVR is running as well. When I open the sample scene "EyeSample", and press play, the scene runs in the editor and I can see a floating head on my computer, but the Vive Pro Eye HMD remains at the lobby (I can only see mountains and the play area). No preview of the sample scene occurs. When I create a separate empty project, and import the default steamVR package/camera prefab instead of the SRanipal SDK, I am able to preview the app within the HMD by pressing play, as normal. So I am able to demo Unity scenes in VR using my HMD. It is just the EyeSample scene/SRanipal package that will not preview through the HMD. What's more, while the scene is demoing, I can click "Begin calibration" within the running editor on my PC screen, and the HMD will perform the calibration routine. Once it completes, I am returned to the empty lobby, once again with no visible preview of the sample scene. Is another step necessary, beyond the requirements and steps described in the readmes? If not, how can I get this sample scene to work for me?
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