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  1. Thanks for your reply. I'm using it for the DRM. I could use the wrapper, but my application is using .Net (Unity) so I was following your recommendations. Sure I could wait 10 sec to check if I got the callback but it seem more like a workaround than a real solution. I think this issue should be handled by Api.Init() directly (the callback should always return). Anyway I assume that the majority of devs are using your samples so I wanted to warn you about a potential issue allowing people to get around the DRM easily.
  2. Yeah I know I need to handle the application exit myself, it's not the issue, the issue is the callback from Api.Init don't get called at all, so I can't check anything. I assume it's because viveport is not installed on my computer, as I got this request 3 times after starting the application: To reproduce just don't install viveport, use the example script below, start the application and press echap 3 times when the application try to open Viveport. using UnityEngine;using System;using Viveport;public class ViveportDemo : MonoBehaviour{ static string VIVEPORT_ID = "bd67b286-aafc-449d-8896-bb7e9b351876"; // Use this for initialization void Start () { Api.Init(InitStatusHandler, VIVEPORT_ID); } private static void InitStatusHandler(int nResult) { Viveport.Core.Logger.Log("Init(): " + nResult); }} You should not see any "Init(): XX" line in the log because the callback don't get called.
  3. Just started to take a look about integrating the Viveport SDK(1.7.10) in my Unity project (2019.1.2) and it seem that the callback from Api.Init(InitStatusHandler, APP_ID) don't get called as it should. I assume it's because I didn't installed Viveport yet (the app try to open it) but if I cancel 3 times the opening request (by pressing echap) the app continue to run as nothing happened (callback don't get called). I'm maybe missing something, but it seem to be a pretty serious issue as it allow to go through the DRM super easily (we need to wait this callback to check the licence). To be sure, I tried on a blank project with the ViveportDemo.cs script and the behaviour is the same. Thanks for your help!
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