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  1. I posted a while back about an 10001.9 error I was getting with my regular Vive and the Wireless Adapter Kit but I couldn´t find a solution. So here I go again... This is how the problem happens: I can use my Vive for a few minutes and then suddenly the Vive screen turns gray and I see the error 10001.9 at the Vive Wireless window. If I close it and try reopening it, I get the error 10001.5. The only way to solve it is shutting down and rebooting (restarting doesn´t work, when I try it, it freezes the computer in the process). Has anyone found a solution yet? @Synthesis
  2. Have you guys found a solution?! I am about to go wired again... Very hard to use it like this...
  3. Exactly. I 've been having to boot about 5 times a day.
  4. Yes! Only after updating the application and firmware. The only way to make it work again is booting the computer. Sometimes it happens while using the vive.
  5. It started happening to me too! Just after updating the app and the firmware
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