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  1. All 3 conditions where already met. I've managed to get it to work briefly but the framerate, tracking and latency is really bad. changing lighting conditions did not really help. After a few seconds it cuts out and then does not work anymore until I do a fresh reboot. Over the Wireless Adapter the camera can't get more then 40 fps, i'm thinking this is the issue? Currently, in what i've experienced so far, it's nowhere near what a leap motion is capable of. Whishing you a lot of success and I hope to see it improve over time.
  2. Hi There, I'm trying to get hand tracking to work. I've got a HTC Vice Pro with wireless adapter. Developing in Unity. I've set up the camera in settings and tested for a good signal (3 green checkmarks) I can also see the feed when I enable the passthrough camera getting close to the boundary. I'm getting "Start Detection Error: Camera" when i enable the Gesture Provider. Has anybody tested with the Vive Wireless Adapter? Should it work? Thanks, Tom
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