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  1. It appears the app can now recover from this condition VS requiring a full reboot. Still very clunky as it takes a good 20 seconds to recover. Here is my log file from a recent instance.
  2. Perhaps it's just something that's impossible to fix . . . it would be nice if they would even just admit its a known issue. Even with having to reboot the PC every few hours to clear this error, wireless is still the best way to play :)
  3. Same old story, 10001.9 pops up, only a reboot will clear it. Sometimes it runs perfectly fine for hours (8+ hours straight is my record) Other times it 10001.9's every few minutes. Have been troubleshooting this for MONTHS at this point. If anybody has any new insights on this issue I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Some other threads. Some more. @jagibson @Synthesis
  4. I have this issue also, have tried absolutely everything to fix it. Sometimes the screen goes black for just a few seconds then recovers . . . other times it goes black, game and tracking is still running (I can tell because of 3d sound sources); however the only way to recover is unplug the headset power, then reboot it on the fly. Most of the time everything recovers without issue after the headset reboots.
  5. 255 basically means no signal. Pretty sure this is just a plain ole crash somewhere in this teetering stack of 3rd party drivers. Happens to me even after the fan mod and M_Temps of 45 or so . . . might be cpu load related though because it does happen more in heavier games.
  6. There is still no fix for this issue? Feeling sorry for all those folks who buy the wireless adapter on the Black Friday sale and then the firmware update breaks it. Was really hoping to Play Half Life Alyx wirelessly too :*(
  7. Mine is also failing to complete a restart after this issue occurs . . . have to hard power down and then power back up. Very not cool. After trying to reinstall I got the dreaded displaylink fails to install error also . . . requiring a whole other rabbit hole. Just about ready to unplug the whole mess and wait for Index.
  8. Was attempting a reinstall to fix this issue. Now I'm getting the displaylinkXR.msi failure. Reinstalling SteamVR did not fix the issue, and my Steam VR is in the expected path on c:\
  9. I've got no insite's except that this started happening after the most recent firmware update for me. Sometimes it works, sometimes it only gives me this message. Very frustrating.
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