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  1. Hi @eneienei, Thanks for the question! This public update was to improve the experience in the VIVE Console, Lens, OOBE & Room setup. This specific update doesn't address controller and HMD tracking, however, I can assure you this in the works in our next couple of updates. The exact date for that is still TBD, but I'll personally tag you to inform you when it is available. Thank you for your patience! Steve
  2. @TomCgcmfc -- Thanks for your participation and feedback! @Dickytwo - Thanks for the extra notes on your feedback. Interesting finding on the carpet. Are you saying that on other types of floor you've tested works better than carpet? If you have the time, could you submit an issue report for our engineering team to look into that and address? In general, tracking improvements are in the works and the exact date for that next update is still TBD. I'll personally tag you when that Beta version is out! @Hooflee - Could you help us submit an issue report for our engineering team to look into this? We won't let you down!! Here are instructions to submit an issue report: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6662-how-to-report-issue-through-vive-console/ Steve Happy Friday!
  3. @TomCgcmfc, Thanks for your quick feedback! Glad the low light with wireless is better. Love your creative suggestions to make the wireless experience more enjoyable - I'm going to try to use that linkbox USB cable idea then I don't think i'll need to do one turn around the headband. 🙂 Is there anything regarding tracking performance you could share with the Beta version? I'm just hoping what 88sooner is reporting about tracking being worse is unique. I'm aware results may be different since 88sooner may be testing this version with a tethered Cosmos versus you with wireless. Regardless, it's good to hear feedback on both sides. The last thing we'd want is to push an update that negatively impacted tracking performance. If this is the case, we'll delay this update and investigate further to make sure that doesn't happen. Please remember Beta version does not have tracking improvements in its release notes. It is to improve other areas such as wireless performance. Tracking performance should be the same as, not worse. If you do feel its worse, please let us know. Thanks, Steve PS. Weekend is almost here! Pistol whip here i come!!
  4. @Mr George, Just wanted to update you, the studio behind Racket Fury got back to me saying they do have plans to integrate the Cosmos bindings. They're aiming for the next 2 weeks. Stay posted on their game updates / announcement! Thanks for your patience. Steve
  5. @A-Jey, No worries! Whenever you get the chance - your feedback has been helpful. Thank you. @88sooner, Confirming I've received your new issue report submitted. Will be forwarding it to engineering. Will update you if i hear anything from them on your case. Thanks again. @TomCgcmfc, Nice! Glad it improved the wireless performance. Keep me posted if the low light problem occurs for you too. (Fingers crossed it doesn't) Thanks, Steve
  6. @Phr00t - Okay noted and will forward to engineering team. Thanks. @88sooner - We couldn't get your logs successfully on your initial report submitted because your headset wasn't connected. Could you connect your headset and have it on and submit the report again? Thank you! https://forum.vive.com/topic/6662-how-to-report-issue-through-vive-console/ Steve
  7. @Keane0411, Nah, if you've already setup the floor once in the same physical space, then you shouldn't be required to do setup to watch movies or play games. 🙂 Steve
  8. @TomCgcmfc, Keep us posted on how that fast swap experience is. Were you able to test the QC3.0 wall charger? Did full charge time decrease significantly? @NRip, Ah sorry about the frustration you're dealing with! I completely understand your situation and totally hear you. As I've shared with others who expressed the same request, this is on engineering team's radar and I will update you as soon as I hear more from them. Thank you for your patience!! Steve
  9. @schwaBAM, I made a reminder for myself to inform you that the Wireless compatibility pack for Cosmos should now be available! Let me know if you have any questions Thanks, Steve
  10. Thanks @TomCgcmfc for sharing best practice and current workaround! @Cappy1, I have reported this to our engineering team and it is on their radar. I apologize for the inconvenience, but please know that we are aware of this. I will share the latest update here when I hear from them. Thank you for your patience.
  11. @Phr00t, @A-Jey, @T , and all addtl Cosmos supporters reading this: I would love to hear your feedback on this Beta version if you have the time and patience. Your feedback have been extremely helpful and valuable for our previous software updates pushed, and we want to continue to listen to our customers on what's working for you, what isn't, and what other features you're looking for. Thank you! STeve
  12. @88sooner - Confirming I've received your issue report successfully. No further action is required on your part. Engineering will look into the issues you've reported and will address. Thank you!
  13. @JonathanPeyton, Ah don't apologize for your frustration! We need to own that and provide a better product / customer experience. We are always learning and improving. Thank you for the kind words, support, and patience. We really appreciate it as we understand this is difficult to do from a customer's perspective especially with today's standards and landscape.
  14. @TomCgcmfc Thanks for sharing the field report on switching back! I'll make a note of this. @88sooner, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback for this beta We do understand what's at stake when our customers + fans are pulling in for us and want to thank you for your support and patience. Sorry about the issue you're experiencing with this beta version. I've taken your feedback down and will forward to our engineering team. If you have the time, could you submit an issue report for our eng to look at your logs to identify and fix the issues that occurred. Here are instructions on how to do so: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6662-how-to-report-issue-through-vive-console/ After doing this, I would advise you roll back to if this beta version is causing more issues than improvements. We will look into this. Thanks, Steve
  15. @Onesolesurvivor Glad the Cosmos is working out for you!! 🙂 Although I'm not on our sales team, I'd say to wait till Black Friday or Cyber Monday to see if we do any deals. In the past, we've done some great bundles so fingers crossed! Steve
  16. Oh interesting. Glad you were able to resolve the issue. I'll submit this as a heads up for our internal team. Thank you for reporting this! Steve
  17. Hi @Onesolesurvivor, Apologies on the late response here and the issue you experienced. This slipped past me and understand I'm over a month late in response, but wanted to still respond to ensure you're taken care of. Are you still experiencing the left controller not connecting? I believe the new software updates pushed out should've fixed this issue (generally it was during the OOBE experience). You can right click the left controller icon in the VIVE Console and click "pair controller." Let me know, Steve
  18. Hi @Nemmy1234, Apologies on the late response here. This slipped past me during launch week. I know I'm over a month late in responding to this, but still want to at least make sure we respond here. No one gets left behind! The current process to re-orient the room layout on the Cosmos is to do this during the Room Setup. During the setup process, make sure to face the direction of where you'd like to face when playing your experiences and that direction will be your forward orientation. We've received multiple reports / request for a button or faster process and I've submitted to our internal team for review. I'll update you when I hear more on this. Thank you, STeve
  19. Hey @TomCgcmfc, Totally fair request. This isn't a report I could raise to our engineering team, but I'll escalate it internally to get some traction. We do have a 18W battery sold separately, which we know isn't for Cosmos, but hope this pattern means there is already a 21W battery individual SKU in the pipeline. I'll update you on what I hear. Thanks, Steve
  20. This may be the case depending on what platform you use to view your movie experience. There may be some that let you re position the movie screen's size, position, and orientation. Thanks, Steve
  21. Hi @chtan, Thanks for reaching out and sorry about the problem you're experiencing with your content. There were similar reports about the game scene being dark in other experiences. I'll forward to engineering team to look into this. I'll follow up with you here when I hear back from them. Thanks for helping us identify this. Steve
  22. Hey @T! That's a great point and totally fair question. Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with our Viveport process. I will direct you to @SuperNikoPower, our community manager, to help directly address this or forward to the Viveport folks to help address your question. Hang tight. Thanks, Steve
  23. Hey @RianShin, Ah okay darn. Thanks for updating us. Sorry about the issue you experienced with one of the Cosmos. I'm glad the other one worked out fine. Feel free to reach out for any further question or troubleshooting. Thanks, Steve
  24. Thanks everyone for helping out @Keane0411 while I was gone! 2. If you're talking about the controller tracking, this shouldn't affect your movie experience. The Cosmos will work fine for playing movies 🙂 3. Cosmos out of the box will need to be tethered to your computer. The wire is 5 meters long. So the distance limitation is 5 meters between where you want to watch the movie on the headset to the computer. Hope that answers your question! Steve
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