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  1. Okay, thank you for this. Will submit report to our engineering team. @C.T.
  2. @davide445 - Could you share in steps how you're setting the orientation to match your play area? Are you doing this in room setup or through Lens? or both? Recent beta addresses a bug in the orientation setting through Lens:
  3. Hey @joellipenta, Thanks for sharing and apologies on the issue. I've submitted an earlier report when you started this thread. I'll update that with the latest information you just provided. Our engineers will investigate. Are you using the battery that is provided with the wireless adapter? Or a 3rd party? Steve
  4. @reaper - We'll investigate this. Could you help submit an issue report so that our engineers can take a look at your tracking log? Please tag in the description "rd_log_request" Here are the instructions on how to submit an issue report. Once submitted, please give me your Trace No to expedite this process. Thank you, Steve
  5. If you do run into an issue, you know where to find us. Enjoy!
  6. @Doffen22 Apologies on the issue you're experiencing. Yeah, I'll re-echo A-Jey's question. Was everything running fine when you used Cosmos tethered? Could you: share your computer specs. check your Event Viewer and see what it states at the time of the blue screen? Instructions disconnect wireless adapter and try tethered Cosmos and share if blue screen still occurs or not reconnect the wireless adapter after the previous step and try again to see if blue screen still occurs or not. Steve
  7. Thanks for the video @joellipenta! I'll share this with the team to look into. @ACME are you using a Cosmos with the wireless adapter? Or is your Cosmos tethered and you still experience the similar symptoms reported in this thread? Thanks, Steve
  8. Hmmm. You should try reaching out to the developers of the custom 3D application to see if they can add Cosmos controller support. They can find the button mapping here: https://developer.vive.com/resources/2019/06/04/getting-started-with-cosmos-development/ Here's a quick screenshot:
  9. Hey @Lionel, I would say this is normal. It happens with my cables overtime as I turn a lot. It's nothing major here. If you do start to see that cable twist more, just untwist it by applying pressure and straightening it out with the opposite turn direction.
  10. Hi @MetalistBat, Have you contacted our general customer service? We have a live chat option so you can get your issue resolved as quickly as possible. I'm only suggesting this option because of 4 hour interval follow up. https://www.vive.com/us/support/ On the forum here, there may be up to a 48 hour response time - just a heads up, but we'll do our best here! Let's check if the device is properly connected and assigned when you're playing: Connect your VIVE Cosmos. (Make sure linkbox is on) Open Sound Settings Click Sound Control Panel Check Playback to see if Cosmos is the default device (for headphones). Check Recording to see if Cosmos is the default device. If they aren't assigned as default, click "set default" for the Cosmos device listed and try playing. Let me know if this resolves your issue. If not, then there may be some steam settings we can run through. Also, double check on other VR experiences if your mic is working; this is to rule out the muting function of Pavlov.
  11. @davide445, Thanks for all the details! Super helpful. Just double checking, are you using a DP or mini DP cable to connect your linkbox to your graphics card? Steve
  12. @Hooflee, Thanks for sharing and being active in helping us out. In your issue summary once you submit your report, could you also add the following tag "rd_log_request". This will help us better filter logs for our R&D to leverage in improving our products with updates such as this crouching tracking experience. Thank you, Steve
  13. @Clark_HH, @Sjunin, @A-Jey, @TomCgcmfc, Thank you all for sharing! Initially when this post was started, I've submitted a report to our engineering team to look into. The feedback was as part of what Tom had shared due to the nature of the OLED vs LCD screen when it came to displaying "dark/black." The fact is OLED will outperform LCD in displaying a true black. However, it is worth considering that there may be room for improvement in optimizing the black being display on LCD screens. I'll re-submit this report to our engineering to investigate with additional details. Thanks Clark for those. Love the healthy discussion. Thanks and stay tuned! Steve
  14. Hmm, I haven't yet. Primarily Nvidia cards personally. @VibrantNebula or any of the community here?
  15. @Hooflee, Thanks for sharing your suggestion. I will pass this with the engineering team in case it's not on their radar already. Please note the bulk of the team are currently focused on tracking. "Features and other tweaks will have higher priority once we improve key tracking scenarios..." You can read more here: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6989-temporarily-disabling-chaperone-or-collision-boundary/ We love suggestions from our users because it gives us the opportunity to enhance the product experience. Thank you for your patience thus far and stay tuned for more in our upcoming updates!
  16. Hi @Aidanthegarden, As HoZy mentioned above, try adding a few more lighting as this can help with your tracking experience. If you'd like to help us improve our tracking in future updates, you can submit an issue report where your logs will be sent to our engineers to evaluate and improve on. Here are instructions on how to do this:
  17. Will share with the sales / product team. Thanks for your suggestions!
  18. Hey @lamyipming, Thanks for following up. No new updates other than it's been reported and is in the pipeline. I don't have the schedule for this just yet. I'm sorry. Thank you for your patience thus far, and already noted to update you when this gets addressed.
  19. @Lionel, Oh sorry I didn't mean to hype it up. Nothing happens LOL I just didn't know I could drive it off and was happy when I found out haha. I'll keep you posted on anymore I find. Steve
  20. Ah ops I see it. Thanks.
  21. @NikNargon, Apologies on the issue you're experiencing. 1. Can you submit an issue report assuming you can still access the VIVE Console? Instructions can be found here: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6662-how-to-report-issues-through-the-vive-console/ Make sure your headset is plugged in and your linkbox is on. Please confirm once you've submitted. 2. Please provide a description of where in the process that you can't get your device to function. E.g. Roomsetup, error message, content load, etc. We'll work with you in identifying the issue and getting this resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks,
  22. @Lojzik - I agree with A-Jey. Try adding a few more lights to see if you can get pass the 0% mark. Also, I can't find locate your issue report. Did you have the Trace No on file you can share me? Otherwise, please submit an issue report again. Keep in mind that the issue report is separate from a customer service ticket. Specific instructions to submit your issue report can be found here: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6662-how-to-report-issues-through-the-vive-console/
  23. Hi @Lojzik, Apologies on this issue you're experiencing. Have you tried restarting your computer after the update and trying room setup again? Please reset your link box as well with the blue button. If your issue still remains, please submit an issue report and the team will take a look. Please make sure your headset is connected when you're submitting the report.
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