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  1. I've been having this issue where the wireless adapter doesn't seem to get power from the battery. I reached out to Vive support and they thought it was the adapter itself, so I sent it to them to get repaired and I just got it back but it still has the same issue.The headset itself works fine on a wired connection. Does anyone know a fix for this? I'm guessing that maybe its the battery. I've tested the battery by charging my phone with it and it works but it charges it very slowly so maybe it just isn't putting out enough power anymore? If thats the case then does anyone know of a good replacement battery? Not really trying to spend 70 bucks on vives official battery.
  2. So I've had my Vive Wireless Adapter for about over a year now and recently it would randomly lose power whenever I used it. Now it will not turn on at all. I've tried multiple different batteries and cables that I know work on other devices. I reached out to Vive and tried all of their solutions they gave me but none of them worked. They told me that it must be the adapter itself, but since my warranty period has passed I would have to pay for them to fix it. Before I end up doing that, does anyone have a DIY fix for this? Has anyone else run into this problem? If so, were you able to fix it? I know for a fact that the battery and cable work, as well as the headset when I use it with the wired Link Box. @jagibson @Synthesis
  3. I followed your advice and it works perfectly with the other cable
  4. I have the vive wireless adapter and im using the HTC battery that came with it when I bought it. The battery is fully charged but it wont stay on for more than six seconds every time i turn it on. Has anyone else run into this problem? I haven't been able to find anything online. Should I just go ahead and get a new battery?
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