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  1. Hi, our team has been engaged in improving hand tracking precision. But at this moment, our plugin is a beta version, and it will take time for optimization. I believe it will achieve your expectation in the near future.
  2. Hi, have you set up project settings for android? I would recommend you use WaveVR project settings. Then,check a boolean variable named useWVR in ViveHandTracking.build.cs has been set to true, so that the correct library would been copied into apk.
  3. Our plugin is disabled as default, so it will not be loaded when you open your project or editor. I have known your concern, but it could be loaded from either <Project>/Source/ThirdParty/<Plugin> or <Engine>/Source/ThirdParty/<Plugin>, which means Third party libs would be copied twice into different directories. Could you please give me an example that any plugin like that? It would be good for us to make it better.
  4. Hi,Willow. Have you checked Show Plugin Content in the lower right corner of content browser?
  5. Hi, I have known your question, and I really recommend you not change the third party path. Cuz third party libs will be loaded at runtime and copied into package from Engine/Source/ThirdParty/ViveHandTracking. You could also change the path in ViveHandTracking.cs and *.xml(UPL for AndroidManifest) as you want, then you have to copy third party into the path you set. Please let me know if you solve it.
  6. Hi, you can download the latest version of our plugin on https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-hand-tracking/ We have added some new features on 0.8.1 version.And it also support Unreal 4.22. Here is the setup guidance link.https://developer.viveport.com/documents/sdk/en/unreal/setup.html
  7. Hi,I have known your question and try to help you out. First,I do not recommend you to copy plugin content manually,because for different versions,it doesn't work at all. For now,you have copied our plugin files into your project root file. The steps below may help you a lot: 1.Right clicking YOURPROJECT.uproject,and generate Visual Studio file.In your project solution,I really suggest you to use UnrealVS(../../Engine/Extras/UnrealVS) for hot-reloading,which is provided by EpicGames. 2.Try to use VisualStudio to launch your project instead opening it directly. 3.In UE Editor->Content Browser->View Options,make sure you have checked "Show Plugin Content".
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