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  1. Thank you for your response. Currently when I attaches the "SteamVR_TrackedObject" to a cube and the index is kept us the tracker its orientation changes . There is a x-rotation at 90 degrees. I wanted the tracker to track any object with out any orientation change. (Like if we attach the "SteamVR_TrackedObject" to any object and keeping the index to Controller or the HMD, the orientation is same )
  2. @chengnay I have seen your comments in the following post I tried to change the Vive tracker role like Hand held , Waist and Camera etc. But I don't see any difference to the Tracker orientation. I'm using Vive input utility plugin also in the project does that makes any difference ? I have also tried to change Vive input binding, but that also didn't work. Other project details are also mentioned below. Unity Version : 2020.2 SteamVR version : v2.7.3 (sdk 1.14.15) OpenVR : openvr-1.1.4 Vive input Utility : v1.13.1 Its been while I'm trying to figure out a solution for this, Hope the VIVE team will respond to this.
  3. Is there any possibility on this Vive team ? @Dario @Tony PH Lin
  4. Hi, I'm facing one issue with HTC vive tracking. When we start the tracking the Tracked game object's orientation is changed, its x axis has 90 degree rotated. I used "SteamVR_TrackedObject" script for tracking the game object. I tried to change the tracker role to Camera, Waist and Hand held and that is not making any difference. There is one work around mentioned in this post and that will work but I'm looking forward to a direct option if possible.
  5. @Dario Thank you for your response. Here is the details. Unity version: Unity 2020.2 XR interaction toolkit : Version 1.0.0-pre.3 And the steps are mentioned similar to the one in the Unity Forum but for me there is no loading issues. I'm facing issue with the controller. I would like to use the New input System (Action based input system) available in the XT toolkit.
  6. Nothing, so far. Vive team is not responding it seems. @Dario @Tony PH Lin
  7. Hello, I'm facing issue with Controller tracking while configuring XR interaction toolkit - Room Scale XR Rig(Action-based) . HTC vive with Head set tracking is working in this case but controller is not working. If I use XR Interaction toolkit ->Device based ->Room Scale XR Rig , then controller tracking is working. I'm trying to use latest input system from Unity to work so I don't want to use OpenVR plugin and instead the setup is done with latest OpenXR plugin from unity. I have seen similar issues in unity forums but they are re directing it to Vive forum. Thanks!
  8. Hello, I would like to know is there any way to Identify specific tracker inside the application through some sort of input. We do have the option with Controller, where we get button press call back. Similarly, I would like to know is there any way with Tracker. Any workaround using the power button. I use unity3d and Steamvr + VRTK. Thank you!
  9. I know its an old post my issue is same but in a different scenario. I face this error when i switch to another user account. Everytime I have to setup the Room to start my game/Application. Is there any way I can avoid this ?? Also other than that anything Steam VR saves user specific ? Thanks
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