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  1. I could get much better model by setting up mesh scales;) Adaptive range: 2-8cm Divide threshold: 0.05 ...What is Divide threshold? I don't feel it changes something.... The demo is pretty unstable with the set up , then I have to finish it quickly. Depth setting is not working for 3D reconstruction. I can see mesh collider in the range of occlusion setting, 0.05-0.4m. But 3D reconstruction process is done with objects at a distance of 1-2 meters also.
  2. Thank you for replying. I tried all what you suggested here. No.3 gave me the improvement somehow. I still try getting accurater 3D model I want to decrease mesh scales from current 3 cm to smaller. And I want to limit the distance to process it. For example, objects are processed when they are near within 40cm from HMD. How can I change them?
  3. Additional info; I use Unity and the version of SRworks is 0.7.5.
  4. Hi. I enjoy Augmented reality with some SRworks scenes. I like watching 3D meshes reconstructed rapidly. But I am not satisfied with the resolution and accuracy. A reconstructed chair is like melting down... I guess it can be solved to modify some parameters in scripts. I have started studying this just now and will continue. However, If you give me any suggestion, I am very glad! Or any other better place to ask about it?
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