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  1. I have whitelisted Viveport and I am encountering the same issue.
  2. I have made sure that everything Steam and Steam related has been closed and I have whitelisted Viveport and it is still not letting me continue.
  3. When trying to install Viveport, I get an error saying that steam needs to close even after closing everything steam related through the task manager. I have tried starting SteamVR before the error shows, I have tried running as admin, and I have tried restarting. The Viveport application will download but the initial installation will not get past the error message. When trying to run Viveport, it bugs out and I can't interact with it (can't type in ZIP code when asked about store location and when prompted to get Vive Infinity, clicking on the buttons will not do anything).
  4. My first problem was getting past an error of Viveport saying that Steam was open even though it wasn't, and I am now having the issue of Viveport getting to "Set Store Location" and infinitely loading.
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