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  1. It's only whichever one I place on my waist. If I switch the waist tracker with the right foot tracker, the right foot tracker on my waist will start acting like that. Hopefully that makes sense because it's a bit confusing to explain. It's basically any tracker that is on my waist will freak out but that same tracker placed on either foot acts fine. @jagibson
  2. Hopefully this isn't a duplicate So I purchased 3 Vive Trackers a few months ago or so and everything seemed to be fine until recently. I've noticed when I'm in the SteamVR home area (Where you can look at settings, desktop and steam) I keep seeing the tracker around my waist freaking out. For example: tracker starts to float away, tracker starts to show signs of vibration and shaking a lot when standing completely still, etc. It's only the one that I put around my waist. I've seen that covering the tracker completely makes it behave that way but it still happens regardless. Things I've done- - Tucked shirt in and made sure nothing is covering/around the tracker -Switched the trackers around to see if it was just that one tracker -Updated them to the current versions -Moved around the noggle things (forgot the name) And about the update, It seems as though whatever version they were on previously seemed to be better before updating them. Not sure if it's just the timing or if it really did something. I also live in a flat matte style room with no reflective surfaces, not even tiny areas. As well as playing at night so my window is covered (heard that was an issue for some people before). If anyone could provide any help or suggestions It'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks @VibrantNebula @jagibson
  3. I got a Vive about 4ish months ago and it has worked ever since. I realized I had a cable problem which caused the display to glitch out or have no image etc. I got in contact with Vive support and received a replacement which is great, but i'm not sure if it helped. I plugged everything in and SteamVR says "Headset Disconnected" while the Headset has a red LED as well. What I've tried: -The new cable -Restarting the Link Box -Reinstalling drivers -Disabling power management -Triple checking that everything is plugged in how it should be -Tried the old cable which also gives me the same error actually I just cant seem to win at this point. I highly doubt the headset itself is damaged since it hasn't been through a lot at all and I take great care of it. Also when I go to the connections part in the SteamVR settings, it seems everything is actually connected (besides audio device) I'm also unable to try a Link Box bypass with the video cable because the card I'm using only has one HDMI cable that is being used for my monitor. I've been using the other option which I cannot recall the name. The mini version of the hdmi. The input is the small square one to another one that I dont know the name of. Its just a different style of HDMI. ALSO, the error seems to be 208, I change the usb port around with a different USB input and now its an error 108. I've tried all the suggested troubleshooting methods for the error and it's still the same issue.
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