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  1. I'm doing some testing with Unreal 4.25 and SRanipal I've calibrated the Eye Tracker, imported the SDK, opened the EyeSample level and gazed at the dartboard sample objects. All works great. However, when I move away from the level origin (ie 0,0,0), even just a few steps from my desk, I noticed the eye tracking on the dartboards to be very offset, to the point that the gaze is unusable. This is corrected when I step back toward the level origin. Is this just an issue with the dartboard examples? I don't recall this issue from previous versions of SRanipal, but I don't have the old installers to test. Anyone else noticing this behaviour? Thanks @MariosBikos_HTC
  2. Both documents in the SDK_v1.3.0.9\03_Unreal\Document\Eye folder ("Document_Unreal.html" and "Getting Started with SRanipal in Unreal Eye.pdf") include the same description to get started. I've attached a picture of this section from the pdf. The issue is there is no actor named "SRanipal_Eye_Framework" located at "SRanipal C++ Classes/SRanipal/Public" when the plugin is installed in the Unreal Engine. There is no public directory in the SRanipal directory, nor is there a Eye Framework actor in the SRanipalEye directory. There are other differences between the plugin and the documentation I've noted in my original post. Also, as jdevoldere mentioned, a changelog would be nice. Thanks @Tony PH Lin
  3. Hey, I noticed the new version of the SDK for Unreal is pretty different from the previous version. Other than the header/module changes, the SRanipal_Eye_Framework is no longer an actor, there are blueprints to start/stop the framework and also options in the Plugin Preferences to automatically start the Framework. The documentation that comes with the download describes the setup process for and Am I missing something or are these documents just out of date? Thanks
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