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  1. Hi! It is possible to use Tobii to get an eye-controlled mouse. This is meant to help disabled people. I would like the same functionality but in the headset. Can this be done? Tobii was sceptical, but they gave me a link to download their software. I except this will be difficult with proprietary software. I suppose it would be possible if I write an app myself. Can I do it outside the vr-environment?
  2. Hi! I'm disabled and in a wheelchair. I can move around in a virtual space and look at things, but not really anything more than that. Do you have any tips on what I can play? I wonder if any of you are developing for eye-tracking . I could use that for both games and practical things like drawing and editing text. I'm new on virtual reality. Can it be used as a regular computer (surfing the Web and such)?
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