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  1. Hi, I am using room effect and tuned the suitable reflection rate at user define for my content environment. But if I want to use the same settings for another room , I have to adjust the reflection rate value manually for every walls. Is it possible to add a feature to save the user define settings? It will be very helpful for content development. Thanks!! @Professor 3DSound
  2. Hi, I just download VIVE 3DSP SDK unity plugin and tried to use it , I have a question about Room Effect Preset. When I choosing "User Define" on "Room Reverb Preset", the Room component appear "Room Surface Material" for choosing and two items for adjustment : "Reflection Level" and "Reverb Level", I was confused the relationship between surface material and reflection level, it means that different wall material setting has the same reflection level and reverb level? And I was also wonder that what's the different between "Reflection Level" and "Reflection Rate"? Thanks!
  3. Hi, Prof. 3DSound I'll try the setting, thanks for your reply !!
  4. Hi, I'm now using occlusion effect for content design, and it's very convenient to implement the feature. But I find out that both "Geometirc occlusion" and "Raycast occlusion" effect has no different when occluder size change on thickness direction. Please see the screenshot as below. Is there any other way to adjust the effect from thickness change? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I have downloaded the 3DSP SDK for game design, and have few questions and feedback. But I can't start a topic on developer forums, seems like I don't have permission to post a new topic, How do I apply for permission? Thanks!
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