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  1. Sorry in advnace if this isn't the right place to be posting. I recently noticed that perofrmance while using wireless with my vive pro was significantly worse than when using wired. Seemed to roughly be 20-30% worse, which somewhat agreed with what I could find in other posts/forums (although disagreed with what I had understood from Vive's marketing). I have come across OpenVR Benchmark which seems to be a pretty good way to get consistent results. In doing so I get around 40-45% worse fps when using wireless. Wired at ~49fps compared to wireless at ~28fps. Is this normal/expected? Hardware: 2080 ti, i9 9900k, asus z390-e, vive pro.
  2. Yep I am on release branch. At latest commit, "merging final 4.24.2". Hmm, well I have no other ideas what it might be! When I get some time I'll also test it out on 4.22 because it had previosly worked on that. Make sure its not something to do with my headset.
  3. Hi @MariosBikos_HTC, strange. I'll test starting a clean project on my end and see if that helps. In terms of what the difference between our tests might be I'm not sure. I'm using 4.24 built from source and have a number of other plugins enabled in the project but don't imagine either of those things should affect it. Graphics card is an RTX 2080ti, could that be an issue? The RTX cards weren't always supported with SRWorks.
  4. Something that is more concrete about the wireless app behaviour is that almost everytime the app has been open for longer than ~15 minutes I can no longer bring it to the front. Ie, clicking on the apps icon on the task bar doesnt do anything and to close it I have to right click and close.
  5. Hi, I just double checked and nope, not getting gray screen. Screen is just completley black when running the sample level (which I believe is expected because there is nothing in the level) and those errors go in log. Are you saying that on 4.24 with only changing those enum values you mentioned before it is working for you? @MariosBikos_HTC
  6. Hi, I've been having some issues with steamvr crashing which seemed to be somehow caused by the vive wireless app but nothing was reproducible enough that I thought it worth reporting. But over the last few days I've noticed that it is also causing unreal engine to crash. If I either close the wireless app, or I disconnect the battery to headest/the battery runs out, it will immediately cause unreal engine to crash with no warnings and nothing written to unreal logs. I'm not sure what information I should provide to help work out what the issue is but if someone lets me know I'd be happy to provide any further details. Thanks. @Jad
  7. Hello again, I just tried out your suggestion. There were some warnings coming from the build.cs file but otherwise the plugin compiles ok. However on trying to run the test map I get some errors: LogTemp: Warning: [ViveSR] [Scene Understanding] EnableSceneUnderstanding1014 LogTemp: Warning: [ViveSR] [Scene Understanding] EnableMachineVision1014 LogTemp: Warning: [ViveSR] [Scene Understanding] Activation/Deactivation failed LogTemp: Warning: [ViveSR] ADAPTIVE_MAX_GRID 64.000000 LogTemp: Warning: [ViveSR] ADAPTIVE_MIN_GRID 4.000000 LogTemp: Warning: [ViveSR] ADAPTIVE_MAX_GRID 4.000000 LogTemp: Warning: [ViveSR] ADAPTIVE_MIN_GRID 4.000000 LogTemp: Warning: [ViveSR] ADAPTIVE_ERROR_THRES 4.000000 LogTemp: Error: [ViveSR] ViveSR_Initial SeeThrough failed. -3 LogTemp: Error: [ViveSR] ViveSR_Initial SeeThrough4K failed. -3 LogTemp: Error: [ViveSR] TurnOnUndistortDataToDepth failed. 1014 LogTemp: Error: [ViveSR] ViveSR_Initial Depth failed. -3 LogTemp: Error: [ViveSR] ViveSR_Initial DepthMesh failed. -3 LogTemp: Error: [ViveSR] ViveSR_Initial Reconstruction failed. -3 LogTemp: Error: [ViveSR] ViveSR_Initial Controller failed. -3 LogViveSR: Warning: Start Framework: -3 Any ideas? @MariosBikos_HTC
  8. Hi Marios, Thanks for the reply. I was using version 0.8.5 previously. I didn't spend too much time on it but I was getting a load of different build errors. I will try out the version you linked. If all it takes is adding those default Enum values will be all good. Have had to do that for a number of other plugins already!
  9. Hi, Is there a plan to update the unreal engine plugin to work in 4.24? I had previosuly succesfully been using the supplied plugin with 4.22 but after upgrading to 4.24 there are build errors. I haven't yet tried to fix the errors myself as might turn out to be simple but before looking into it I thought i would check if their is going to be an offical update. Thanks!
  10. Hi , Is there any news on when you will be supporting rtx cards?
  11. I've had the opposite. I thought that what I posted above about just single clicking the on button and waiting patiently for them to turn on was the answer. But yesterday I couldn't get one of the trackers to turn on no matter how long or short I pressed the button. Had to resort to the cable trick again.
  12. Argh! That sounds like a nightmare. I've been having enough trouble and I'm only using three at the moment. I did notice after posting my message however that I can actually turn them on without power cable tricking them. If you just press the on button as opposed to holding it then let go and leave it they do come on after a delay. Seems I was holding the button for too long. Or double pressing it when the light didn't come on when I thought it should. I'm sure it wasn't like this before but yeah. Won't help with your pairing issues but at least you might be able to turn them on.
  13. Hi, Recently my tracker 2018's will sometimes refuse to turn on, no matter how long I hold the button for. I have found I can force them to work by plugging them into charging cable until the charging light shows up then unplugging and pressing on button. So I can make them work but it is quite annoying having to do that everytime. Anyone else had this issue? I've had this problem with at least 3 of 4 trackers I have. They're all on latest firmware and it happens regardless of charge level.
  14. Many thanks for the answer ! How is best to stay updated on when you add support for my card? (Also thanks to the mod who moved my question to the appropriate section. I notice I still can't post new topics however, what do I need to do to be able to?)
  15. Hi, I believe this question should really be posted in the appropriate developer forum but I'm unable to post there (read that a mod needs to allow it?). I have been trying to run the SRWorks samples but am not able to. I've tried both the pre built Unity and Unreal versions. They both become unresponsive after a short delay then slowly use more and more memory until I force quit them (looking in task manager shows memory going up and up). I've had a look at all the existing topics I can find and read through the docs. My SteamVR settings show the camera passing all tests with three green ticks. And my log generated by the pre built unity version shows no errors. (Same thing for unreal version but log is not so clean as also contains Unreal logs). Any suggestions? Thanks.
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