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  1. Vivecraft is one of the most genuinely enjoyable experiences I've ever had in VR. People underestimate how much fun the bog standard procedural generated survival formula is in VR
  2. I just turn off the two power bars and unplug the Vive's USB. Everything's been working well since, that Bluetooth option seems to be more of a pain than what it's worth.
  3. there are plenty of games available on HTC vive, which are atmosphere realistic, you could check the list of games available on their official webiste.
  4. you have to send a personal message to HTC sales representative,they could better guide you about how you could become HTC vive reseller, there must be some SOP's for becoming a reseller you have to fulfill their requirements.
  5. Configuring 4 base stations Step 1: Update firmware and Before starting configuration, make sure your device firmware and SteamVR are up to date (all necessary drivers are available in the public branch). SteamVR Step 2: Set base station channels Step 3: Calibrate your room
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