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  1. Keeping fingers crossed for everyone 🤞 Looks like a bunch of us are due to receive it Wed. Guess that guy taking a long smoke break must have gone back to work. 🥴 🤪 Like the Romans use to say, Let the games begin 😬
  2. I keep reading on Facebook forums about other people wondering when they will ship it, I have mine in Processing for 5 days now waiting for fulfillment. Money taken from my Bank for it too. What happened? Did Vive drop the ball when it comes to shipping? I am starting to think there is one guy boxing and shipping the Headsets and this one guy is now taking a long smoke break 😐
  3. Your link has quite a lot to view, This will keep me busy for awhile. Thank you very much :)
  4. Thank you for the two video links, I love learning all about this, I feel like a dry sponge ready to soak all this up. Again, Thank you
  5. Thank you very much. I understand some of what you have explained, I will look up the rest as to understand better. I am always curious as to how something works and I was really curious about the Vive lens and figured there was a really good reason. The creators of the Vive really did their homework in their design of the Vive. I am so happy when the time came to purchase a VR Headset that my choice was HTC Vive. Thank you both for your time.
  6. I would like to understand why Fresnel lenses are used in Vive Headsets. What was the reason for deciding to use Fresnel Lens in the production of the Vive. I have a little bit of understanding when it comes to lens because of my background in what is called Lythography and my knowlege of making Holigrams with laser way back in the day before VR was around. I am just curious about what was the thought that when into this and why Fresnel. Any Feedback would be most welcome. Thanks
  7. Vibrant Nebula is correct, They just come with earbuds but the Vive store in the accesorys section has a nice setup, head strap with built in headphones. I plan to get myself one but in the mean time, I just purchased some headphones, Earbuds work fine but I prefer headphones.
  8. I have been doing a little internet reading about Lens replacement and a lot of people do not like the Fresnel lens in Vibes headsets and switch them out for the other type. I just dont know. I only know what I have read and the other type run about 50 dollars. Some people are changing them out who dont even need to. I read a few post at Steam about this. Anyway, Here is another link about getting to the lens in a Vive Headset. To be honest, I just dont know enough about the other type and how well they work. By the way, Pretty cool nickname you picked out, Makes me laugh. https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/HTC+Vive+Lens+Replacement/98127
  9. If that link does not work thy this one, https://www.mytoytruck.com/products/hyperkin-vr-lens-protector-for-htc-vive-pro-2-set-pc
  10. Please do keep me updated, I am very curious as to what it turns out to be. I though maybe a scratch on the lens, I wear glasses and I worry about that. I found something that might help me with that worry. If that is what it turns out to be. Once you get it fixed, You might consider getting something I plan to get to help with that worry. I am posting a link to what I found to protect the lens, Here is the link, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hyperkin-VR-Lens-Protector-for-HTC-Vive-2-Set/323711080547
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