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  1. In UE4 what do I map input to get an event call from a non-hand identified pogo pin input?
  2. @Dario, thank you for the update, I've been keeping my eyes on the changelog for SteamVR - can you point me to the version that addressed the tracker input / pogo pin issue??
  3. Is there a way to get some unique identifier (Tracker's SN or even Device ID) from the trigger pull? We have 6 trackers we want to use with Pogo pin connection simultaneously, would each one would need it's own Event call setup or could we do TriggerAction with all 6 and just check its ID? EDIT: Also thank you for the detailed post! @MariosBikos_HTC
  4. Hi all, I am trying to handle multiple Input events from 4+ Vive Trackers in our UE4 Sim but am unable to do more than 2 and the 2 I get don't come with a signature just passing a generic trigger event. I saw that VIU does handle what I need but it is only for Unity. Any possibility of porting to UE4 or is there a UE4 solution related to VIU? This is for a large project and am open to any help, Thanks @MariosBikos_HTC @chengnay
  5. Thank you for your quick reply! Yes I went through that with SteamInput plugin. The issues I’m having with that is I can’t determine which Tracker sent the event and it doesn’t seem friendly for multi-tracker connection. Going through that post I was able to get a generic TrackerAction event. I would like to get an event with device iD or serial number. I would like an upwards of 5 trackers at a time.
  6. Hi all, I am trying to get the trigger event from a Vive Tracker. We are able to see Trigger Pull successfully in Test Controller window for SteamVR. Also, How can I know which Tracker sent the Trigger Event? This is all via Unreal Engine 4 version 4.23.2 Thanks @MariosBikos_HTC
  7. UE4 Custom Depth makes sense, thank you for sharing that!
  8. I am trying to get SRworks to occlude virtual objects in UE4 via Depth Image. I want a virtual ball to hide behind a real chair, or hands to cover the ball like in the new update examples. I have successfully gotten this to work in Unity, however; Unreal seems to be posing a problem. What steps do I need to take to dive into the occlusion via Unreal, is there anything engine side preventing this feature from occuring the same way it does in Unity? Thank you.
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