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  1. I see now that the Cosmos Elite package is for sale which is the cosmos, faceplate, base stations and controllers. Where is the option to buy a stand alone tracking faceplate for those of us who were early adopters of the Cosmos?
  2. Here is a comparison of the HTC Vive Cosmos and HTC Vive Pro in Beat Saber. First, would like to show two videos of the same 3 songs(one I linked earlier). HTC Vive Cosmos: HTC Vive Pro: You'll see from above that the Vive Pro video has a much higher score and accuracy in all songs. The Vive Cosmos does okay when the controllers are in front, but whenever they leave the view of the face cameras or are only in the view of 1 camera, they tend to drift or be non-responsive. The Vive Pro doesn't have the same level of tracking issues. It's fairly seamless and you feel well connected with the environment the whole way through. Vive Cosmos controllers are much lighter than the Vive Pro controllers and so song fatigue is less. However, in Beat Saber, I don't mind the extra weight because it just means more calorie burn. The grip on the Vive Cosmos controllers are better than the factory shipped Vive Pro controllers. But both could be improved on. The Pro controllers tend to slide out of the hands over time, due to their tapered shape. If there was one thing I wished Vive would offer is the V1, 3D printed mod here, what I refer to as "The Hilt': https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3643970 Currently I am using another 3D printed mod here, that I refer to as 'The Grip': https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2982472 The Grip attachment works great but the current design is quite sharp at the finger separator. It tends to cause blisters on the palm as it slides back and forward during quick swings. So it limits play time to 15 minutes. But it does help the grip a lot. The Hilt looks very promising but so far I haven't figured out how to drills holes into it in order to affix it to the controller. If Vive offered something like this attachment that is more professionally done, that would be a serious life-saver. And perhaps they could consider redesigning future controllers so that the bottom gets larger at the end.
  3. Sounds like a PC/video card issue. What specs pc are you running? Did you test the video card with some non-VR game? Also, did you test the DisplayPort with a monitor and the USB 3.0 slot you're using? That would eliminate more obvious issues.
  4. Here is a couple of song runs in Beat Saber on Expert+ and Expert mode. Note that I usually get S or SS on these songs. You can partly see the sabers drifting still. The main issue is not so much when they are in front and visible but when using the controller is used for an action without directly looking at what is being hit to the side. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiJamP5Q1vs&feature=youtu.be Note: The video is demonetized and delisted so there are no copyright issues with the songs.
  5. That sounds to me like a cable issue. Either you have a bad connection or (more likely) a bad cable. You should contact support. I would also advise getting some sort of pulley system set up to keep the cable off the ground and behind you so that you're not stepping on it.
  6. It all depends on where you're at in Beat Saber. I own both the cosmos and Vive Pro now. As someone who has over 20 songs at grade S or higher on Expert+, the Cosmos is inferior to the Vive Pro. At least with the inside-out tracking. Outside-in tracking is so much better. While the December 20 beta update helps a lot, it's still like comparing 99% with 100%. But in Beat Saber on Expert+, that little bit off can mean a lot of misses and frustration. Watching your saber drift off somewhere it shouldn't, missing the block and hitting the bomb right next to it, or swinging a block out of sight to have the tracking miss it, all these things make the outside-in tracking far superior. But I understand they will be releasing a face plate soon for outside in tracking. That might be worth an investment when you get to that stage of your Beat Saber development.
  7. Want to pass along some feedback as a consumer, Vive Pro owner, Vive Cosmos owner(just got it and started trying it out since last week), Oculus Quest owner and business owner. First, let me start off by saying that the Vive Pro has been great, in many regards. The biggest strong point of the Vive Pro over other gear is the outside-in tracking which is super reliable. If I had to compare the Oculus Rift with the Vive Pro, it would be like comparing an Squier guitar with a Fender. Fender's are high precision quality and what someone wants, when budget isn't an issue. If you plan to perform or you play guitar often, Fender is your only option. While an Squier makes for a nice beater guitar. Squier is entry level only. It would be a mishap for Fender to try and compete in the Squier market. HTC taking on inside-out tracking was exactly that with the Vive Cosmos. As a business owner, one thing I've realized after owning many businesses is that you want to own your strengths and make them stronger. Market those. Don't try to compete on someone else's home turf. The inside-out tracking is what it is. Whether it's the Oculus Rift or the Vive Cosmos with the beta patches, it's only 90-95% accurate. For someone like myself who has really enjoyed games requiring exercise, accuracy, speed, etc. such as Beat Saber or Sairento VR, that super accurate tracking of the Vive Pro is great. Going backward is just not an option once I've gone Pro. That should be the first thing you put forward in any marketing campaign. It is why someone should choose the Vive over some other model. Let me ask you a question. Why do people spend $1500+ for a high end gaming PC? A lot of people do. It's because they tried out the $800 one from WalMart and found that wasn't good enough for the PC games they enjoy. They like gaming and so they find they need something that's more than 90-95% accurate. They want something that's 99.5% accurate. So AlienWare or MSi pick up that market. I realize you've got a mask coming out for the Vive Cosmos so it can do outside-in tracking, and that's great. But what I'm getting at here is marketing and development strategy. Oculus is laying the groundwork for you, introducing people to VR. They are actually doing you a favor. Now all you have to do is market yourselves correctly and you'll get a big chunk of those to upgrade into an HTC Vive or Vive Pro. Cheers, Jeremiah Johnson
  8. I see. From a consumer standpoint, I would find it extremely helpful if the PC recommended/requirements page for the Vive made a note on the bottom about getting a computer with a PCIe slot if later planning to get the Wireless Adapter. In fact, I've seen a couple of posts on this forum and on Reddit since this issue, of customers who invested in laptops (which have no PCIe slot) to later discover that won't be compatible with the wireless adapter. So I believe a lot of future customers would find a note there helpful.
  9. Thanks for pointing this out, . I was not aware that the HTC Vive/Vive Pro was intended to be more geared toward PC enthusiasts, of which I am not. Just an average consumer, here. I will keep this in mind the next time I'm in the market for a VR device. Turn-key is for me. :-)
  10. So, initially when I purchased the HTC Vive Pro, I spent some decent money to have a PC with support for DisplayPort and a good graphics card. Apparently my fairly pricey laptop that I had purchased earlier in the year only had HDMI. Fair enough. But then after a month or so of enjoying the VR experience, decided I wanted to go untethered. So I spend around 2 months (where I live is a fairly remote country) and $500ish to get the wireless adapter + the Pro adapter for wireless. Finally get everything in to discover that it requires no longer a DisplayPort, but now I need a PCIe slot, which my newly purchased PC does not have. Who had the crazy idea of not making the Vive Wireless Adapter plug directly into the same place you plug in the Vive headset?? That would seem to be the more common sensical route to go. Instead, you no longer need your previously purchased hardware (i.e. DisplayPort). Wow. Just wow. How many people spent a couple grand on a new laptop (something which was designed for mobility) to discover they can't go wireless? In the name of progress, here is what I suggest for Vive: Option A: Make an adapter for the wireless adapter which plugs into the hardware sent with the original vive gear. OR Option B: Add a comment in the Important section of the Vive headset requirements which let's people know to consider getting a PC with a PCIe slot. That would be a good time to bring it up. (Perhaps a temporary fix??) It's sitting at 3.5 stars on Amazon right now: https://www.amazon.com/Vive-Wireless-Adapter-PC/dp/B07GKHNBCT#customerReviews Looking through the comments, this is a recurring issue. Just my thoughts. Good luck!
  11. The two slots in back are taken up by the graphics card it comes with. Here is what they had to say in reply: Not all MSI desktop system (support PCIe slots). Example: Some Infinite X series has support it.
  12. Stumbling through the fascinating, but pricey world of VR, would like to give people a "heads up". The MSi Aegis desktop (I think mine is a 216) works well with Vive Pro. HOWEVER, when you later will want to upgrade to the Vive Wireless Adapter (you will, trust me) - you'll need a different computer. The MSi Aegis (apparently all models) does not have any PCIe slots, which is required to use the Vive Wireless Adapter. I'm not sure, yet, if their other models have the slot or not. I will update once I find out from customer service. Big disappointment.
  13. As a temporary solution, I used some epoxy to glue the plastic pieces which broke off. I've given Sairento VR a break until I can get some better controller protection in place. Although I do hope a 3d print template for these parts are later released, as I'm sure I'm not the only user who has inflicted damage on their controllers, and that would be a better fix than epoxy.
  14. Can an admin please delete one of these? Seems it posted twice.
  15. I've had the Vive Pro for 2 months now. Terrific VR experience. However, I think I got too immersed and smacked my controller on the wall a few too many times. It used to just have a gap at the top and then snap back together. But recently it wouldn't go back together and felt like something was blocking inside. Took it apart, and sure enough several pieces of plastic inside were broken. As I live in the boondocks of Cambodia, shipping anything turns into a half year process. So my question is are there 3d printable templates for these plastic components of the controllers? It would be great if I had a file I could just take to Phnom Penh to print the plastic parts I need at a 3d print store. It's the two top plastic parts that cover around the tracking assembly.
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