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  1. I got the Cosmos Elite as my second headset next to my Vive Pro, but I'm having large issues with it. Only a very small central region is sharp, everything outside ~10 degrees from the center is very fuzzy (mainly due to large amount of chromatic abberation). Moving around causes very visible smearing on bright objects. I never run into either of these problems on my old Vive Pro. Are these normal for the headset, or do I have some settings out of whack?
  2. I have basically killed my current PC by carrying it around every day and unplugging and re-plugging it. Since I would prefer to not repeat this experience, is anyone successfully using optical cables to connect Vive Pro from a different room (cca. 20m)?
  3. I'm trying to figure out a setup where I could leave my PC in my work room and not have to carry it re-plug it every time in my living room. It's cca. 20 metres of cabling (less than). Does anyone have a setup that works reliably without a quality loss?
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