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  1. So my base station did it again. Channel C is not working again. I posted this question on the 27 of December. Kinda figured somebody would of responded to me by now.
  2. Was just wondering if there was something I could buy that would help with it. They're not deep scratches but it's a little annoying. If there isn't anything I can buy how much would it cost to just replace the lens?
  3. Does anyone have any idea just in case it does it again?
  4. i'm unsure what I did but I managed to get it to work again by just switching it from c to b to a until it finally came on using c. Any idea how this could of happened? Maybe I need to update something?
  5. Okay so I was playing my VR not to long ago and my screen went grey. Looked up at my base station and the red grid wasn't there anymore. Unplugged it and tried again like 15 mins later. Still nothing. I changed the setting from c to b and it worked. Went over to my other base station and switched it to c and now it's not working. a and b work but not c on both my base stations. It was just working fine and now c doesn't work? I don't understand why it's not working on either one of them? Edit: The base station I have set to c has a green light but the red grid is gone. @VibrantNebula
  6. I would actually love to see photos of what you've done. I'll try and find the same layout of my rv online and I'll link it here. This is the closest one I can find to the layour of my rv. The only difference is that the rv i linked you has another room in the back and mine does not. https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2015-Forest-River-WILDWOOD-31KQBTS-5006933341
  7. Hello, I just recently moved into an RV and I'm trying to figure out the best way to setup my VR. I'm not wanting to put holes in the walls mainly because it would look bad when I decide to sell it and also I don't think the walls would hold it anyways. I know there is an option to put them on tripods but again I live in an RV so that would take up more space than I'd want it to. I was thinking of going to walmart and buying those sticky Velcro but would it hold? Last thing I'd want is for it to fall and break. Not to mention I wouldn't be able to adjust it in the correct direction. If anyone has an idea please let me know because as of right now it's just sitting in the box it came in.
  8. Zhaine

    Error 208

    The error 208 was only because of a bad hdmi cord. It worked perfect after I switched it out. The 2nd issue was every time I pushed the dashboard button steamvr kept trying to start again and the desktop icon was gone. I ended up having to completely uninstall steam to fix that issue. 3rd issue was when I reinstalled steam it wouldn't start up. That one was actually my fault because I tried to install steam on a seprate hard drive and not my main one. Didn't know that even mattered but it did. But after a few hours of all that sillyness I managed to get it up and going. Before all that I was having issues at least once every other day with steamvr not wanting to start but now I'm not having any issues except one. Sometimes while I'm playing beat saber I'll go into my desktop view and when I click back into the game it becomes really fuzzy. I have to restart the game for it to go away. Not to big of a deal but it does get a bit annoying sometimes. So far the only game it's done it to me has been beat saber.
  9. Zhaine

    Error 208

    I got it sorted out. Had one problem after another but eventually I got it going.
  10. Zhaine

    Error 208

    Yup, I figured out what was wrong with mine as well. Turned out it was just the hdmi cord. But now I have a whole other issue with three error screens popping up when i push the dash board button on my controllers. It keeps trying to start steamvr up when i push it everytime. Also, my desktop icon is gone and I'm not sure what to do now to get it back. I just tried uninstalling the drivers (again) so i'm about to check and see if it worked. Edit: Nope didn't work. Steamvr just keeps trying to launch everytime I i try to go into the dashboard along with my desktop icon gone. So the only two things I see are vive and settings. Also I keep hearing an annoying ping everytime i push the button.
  11. Zhaine

    Error 208

    I finally figured it out... It was just the HDMI cord. Maybe I can go one day without an issue popping up now. Edit: Now I'm getting three pop up windows saying "An error occurred while updating SteamVR (app already running)". It happens everytime I hit the "start?" button that lets me access viveport, desktop, and settings. Also, my desktop tab is gone. It's not where to be found... Edit 2: Seems like when I try to access my dashboard it tries to start steamvr up again which is causing the errors. But I still don't see why that has anything to do with why the desktop tab is gone. Just to let people know.. I already tried uninstalling steamvr and it didn't work. I even re did the htc drivers. Nothing is working.
  12. Okay, so I've been having a ton of problems with this dang headset to the point that I'm actually getting sick of it. First one of my base stations come in broken and I already had to send it off and now I'm getting an error 208 and I've googled and googled and googled and I can't figure out what's wrong. I ended up just hooking my headset directly to my computer and it worked. But now I can't use the vive desktop view, my camera, or the power management for the base stations. Like what the heck? I've had so much trouble that I'm starting to just want my money back. If somebody comes on here and says something is wrong with the link box I'm gonna have a cow. It was just working last night and then I come home from work and it's not working anymore.
  13. What do you mean it's broken!? I just got the HTC Vive????
  14. My base station has a firmware update and I've already tried it once and it stopped my base station from working. I got it going again by googling what to do and it's saying it has an update again. I'm wondering if I should try again because I really don't want to go through all that trouble of trying to fix it again. I just got this dang thing like 2 weeks ago. :\.
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