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  1. @Stanislav Kostikov The camera is generally controlled by the HMD position. Just to make sure, is your room calibrated and floor height set? And is this a standing or sitting experience?
  2. @JPalmer8 Thanks for sharing all the details. The team will look into this. Also, if you like there are some troubleshooting steps here that you may find helpful to try out: @Tony PH Lin
  3. @JPalmer8 Okay. And just to check, do you have admin rights on your PC? and can you launch the runtime as admin? (quit runtime if open, right click runtime icon and 'run as admin').
  4. @Stanislav Kostikov You will need to integrate the Wave SDK to enable stereo rendering on the VIVE Focus. If you are trying to display a 2D app in floating window style that is not officially supported but can be enabled and experimented with.
  5. @r09 This is for the AndroidManifest.xml file. You can find further info in this guide:
  6. @emirfreshfx Okay I'm also seeing the issue where navigating to the link directly doesn't work! That's not good. Sorry for any confusion, it seems there is an issue with the new dev resources website.
  7. @JPalmer8 what version of the runtime are you using? Can you try updating to the latest? Or uninstall your current version and install the latest.
  8. @adriang I often wear glasses when testing/developing with pro eye and have not noticed any difference in eye tracking quality. Mainly I would avoid using split bifocal style glasses with eye tracking but otherwise haven't seen any issues reported.
  9. @JPalmer8 The latest version of the runtime allows you to browse and select a folder to save to.
  10. @emirfreshfx That's very strange, the link appears working fine for me and others. Can you confirm what browser you are using?
  11. @jc10487 Currently there is no official access to further calibration data beyond what I mentioned in the last post. The gaze direction and eye position data is available after calibration if that is the information you need.
  12. @jc10487 What access are you interested in? The eye tracking SDK can provide a validity status and flag for if calibration is needed.
  13. @emirfreshfx We recently updated the developer site and are still fixing some of the old links that may have broken. Thanks for reporting this, we will check the submission guide for any remaining issues. For the Viveport Arcade SDK, you can find the SDK documentation here: https://developer.vive.com/resources/documentation/viveport-arcade-sdk/ And the SDK is part of the Viveport SDK so you can download the Unity Viveport plugin to get started. Do we need the Viveport SDK? Only if you need to use any Viveport SDK features: User Profiles, Stats & Achievements, Leaderboards, In-App Purchase and Sessions (Per-round) for VIVEPORT Arcade (For Windows). If you don't need any of these features then the Viveport SDK is not required. For the binary build submission you can create a build with Unity, and zip everything in the build folder for submission (including .exe, gamedata folder, MonoBleedingEdge, etc.). https://developer.vive.com/resources/viveport/store-guide/store-submission-guide/english/submitting-your-viveopenvr-content/binary-build/ Cheers and let us know if you have any further questions, feedback, or issues.
  14. @maple What data are you trying to get and what are you trying to do?
  15. @maple Please download the eye tracking SDK and review the samples provided inside of the download package.
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