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  1. Hi @JesúsM To use the Tobii SDK will require the VIVE Eye Tracking SDK (SRanipal) also be imported into your project. SRanipal SDK Download https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-sranipal-sdk/ Tobii XR SDK Setup https://vr.tobii.com/sdk/develop/unity/getting-started/vive-pro-eye/
  2. @BlueLee Please download the SDK and documentation to get a better understanding of the available data. To be clear, for #4 I am referring to the raw video of the users eyes. For eye_openness you get a float value between 0 (closed) and 1 (open).
  3. @Lhannan Interesting, thanks for sharing your test results! Also, make sure you have recently calibrated ( I find it helps with more accurate facial animation, less twitchy).
  4. 3. Yes, it is possible to show the fixation point on the PC monitor and record it. Recording functionality is not built into the SDK but can be implemented within engine or via 3rd party tools. 4. No, access to the raw eye camera video is not enabled.
  5. @sdfalter @OCH This issue has been identified and solutions are being investigated. There are reports of Unity 2019.3.6 working without the memory leak if downgrading to that version is an available option for your project. Currently Unity 2018.4 LTS + SDK3.1.94 are recommended for best performance and stability.
  6. @Lhannan I believe it works in 4.22 & 4.23 but haven't confirmed. I know that 4.24 & 4.25 require some code changes to work with the eye tracking SDK. Feel free to test 4.22. Make sure you're using the v2 test scene and v2 framework.
  7. Hello @BlueLee, 1. Number of blinking VIVE Eye Tracking SDK can easily measure blinking with the "eye_openness" function. 2. To get the gaze velocity, i need gaze position data. Gaze position data is available via the "gaze_direction_normalized" function. 3. To calculate the video's velocity(to compare with gaze velocity), i need video(or frames) to be decoded. Can you elaborate on the information you require? Please feel free to download the Eye Tracking SDK (SRanipal) and review the documentation for further information. https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-sranipal-sdk/
  8. @Lhannan Okay thanks for reporting this. We will look into Unreal 4.23 + v2 support and follow up with you if we can reproduce the issue.
  9. @Lhannan Are you testing with the v2 framework version? Support for extra blendshapes was added in v2.
  10. @mrk88 For the top figure you refer to, it appears to be measuring the position over time, not the displacement. From the published article: "Vertical eye position (upper panel) ... as a function of time since fixation onset at 0 ms."
  11. @FurryLover69 Yes, you can install an APK created with the Wave VR SDK like you would any android app.
  12. @Asish @shomik 1. To be clear the VR HMD screen refresh rate is not the same as the eye tracking data output frequency. If you're not using the callbacks or multi-threading the eye tracking data will be restricted by the main thread which will generally run at the HMD screen refresh rate. If using the callbacks the eye tracking data will output on average at 120Hz. To be clear, measuring the game frame rate will not reflect the callback frequency. 2. Yes, generally the VR HMD will have a different refresh rate than the monitors. 3. To measure the refresh rate for eye tracking you can record and compare the timestamp data. 4. Yes, on average the eye tracking data is output at 120Hz (120 times per second). If using callbacks the data output will not be limited by the refresh rate/fps of the games main thread.
  13. @Ashish How are you measuring the callback data frequency? If you're using the callback method or a separate thread for 120hz data it will be independent of the Unity FPS.
  14. @OCH We are looking into this issue. It appears to affect all versions of Unity after 2019.2, possibly due to the major changes in Unity XR. If possible use 2019.2 or 2018.4 LTS. When profiling you will notice a memory leak where the VRAM increases in size by about ~100MB /second until it crashes at 1GB VRAM usage.
  15. @mrk88 Can you elaborate on what values you're getting that are wrong?
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