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  1. @Federica Here is the documentation about SRWorks Pass Through to get you started: https://hub.vive.com/storage/srworks/srworks_unity/plugin_guide/unity_passthrough.html
  2. @Cakebatter Can you take a screenshot? (power button and volume down button on the HMD) And can you share the PC specs and network information? Like is your PC ethernet wired? This sounds like a possible bug (technically Viveport streaming is still in Beta).
  3. @LochoChoco Were you able to fix the issue?
  4. @jboss It is possible to have the runtime start with windows startup and only require the UAC prompt once. Copy the app shortcut (the one created on the desktop during install) to the windows startup folder (%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup)
  5. @Asish Here is the EyeData image included with the SDK documentation which has information about the available output data and gaze angles.
  6. @Annabell @killerbee @AstroVR If someone is not focusing on an object (i.e. "staring off into the air") then each eye's gaze vector will generally not intersect. Even with perfect tracking quality, the eyes may be looking parallel at a far enough away point and parallel lines do not intersect. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vergence
  7. @Asish Were you able to measure the gaze angles? It should be possible with the gaze direction and Focus api.
  8. @qxxxb @jboss Thanks for reporting this bug. The team will look into it.
  9. @monetl I'll try and respond to each of these questions but let me know if you need further clarification on anything. 1. I don't fully understand this question. Would you like clarification on the "Focus" api functionality? Or are you looking for suggestions of an alternative solution? Please explain a little more or include a diagram. 2. IPD of virtual cameras is generally handled automatically by the game engine and plugins used. Are you using the legacy SteamVR plugin, the Unity XR Steam plugin, or the built in Unity SteamVR support on older Unity versions? It is not normal to modify the distance of the virtual camera IPD but was previously possible depending on the plugin/engine/rendering method. 3. The Unity Update loop is called for each rendered frame which is usually ~90Hz when running with Vive Pro Eye (unless performance issues are causing frames to drop). The callback method allows for multi-threaded data access at the fastest rate possible for the eye tracking device which is on average ~120Hz. 4. convergence_distance_mm is not implemented and will not report valid results. I believe this feature is available in the Tobii XR SDK which does work with the VIVE Eye Tracking SDK (SRanipal). 5. There was a bug fixed related to timestamps in the latest release. Please test and confirm if it is fixed for you. 6. Are you able to reproduce this issue in the sample scene with the mirror & gaze ray? Can you take a screenshot or video? 7. There is no access to the raw camera eye images. Some developers have explored this option with Tobii directly. 8... Filtering is added to prevent gaze tremble (ex. when looking at distant objects). Use SetEyeParameter to set the filtering level with "sensitive_factor". You can adjust the variable to effect the cutoff slope in the filter. 1 is raw gaze vector without adding a filter post-processing for gaze tremble. 0 is post processed with strongest filter to remove gaze tremble.` The default value is 0.007 and you can multiply or divide the variable by 10 until you notice the effect on the gaze data. Note: SetEyeParameter filtering only works on gaze rays. void SetFiltering(double filteringLevel) { EyeParameter parameter = new EyeParameter { gaze_ray_parameter = new GazeRayParameter(), }; parameter.gaze_ray_parameter.sensitive_factor = filteringLevel; Error error = SRanipal_Eye_API.SetEyeParameter(parameter); } 9. This looks related to a bug reported previously. https://forum.vive.com/topic/9172-gaze-origin-bug-in-getgazeray-of-unity-package/?ct=1610732330 10. You can use the "Combined Gaze Origin" to get the center point between the eyes. See the EyeData.png diagram in the documentation included with the SDK download.
  10. @Ihshan Gumilar What version of the eye tracking SDK & Runtime are you using? There are bug fixes in the latest release that fixed timestamp issues.
  11. @Davey I will try to look into the research to see if there have been tests of eye tracking with strabismus/esotropia conditions, it may also be helpful for you to contact Tobii about this inquiry. The SDK does report gaze direction for each eye independently.
  12. @Davey @nbhatia Calibration is 3 step process that requires both eyes. Step 1 is HMD placement, Step 2 is IPD adjustment, Step 3 is the gaze dots. Can the calibration be done with only one eye? No, the calibration will not complete without both eyes. can I modify the calibration data? No, currently not possible but a number of devs have requested this feature so we can re-examine. can I skip the calibration? For accurate eye-tracking the calibration is performed for each user when they use the HMD. Every face and HMD placement is different so calibration optimizes for this variance. If calibration is skipped the eye-tracking usually funcitons but is less accurate. is the data produced by each eye then assumed to be relative to the sensors with the assumption that the HMD and sensors are centered perfectly over the eyes?(obviously never the case). The calibration and runtime report the eye position relative to the HMD (usually not perfectly centered but ideally close). Feel free to check the documentation included with the SDK or the webinars/guides for information about the calibration specifics.
  13. @Emagnetto Thanks for sharing your feedback. Foveated rendering does not support the new Unity render pipelines (HDRP & URP). We will post in the forums if we have any updates to the roadmap or release schedule that we can share publicly. Also, if any other developers would like the plugin to support this feature in a future release please share your feedback here.
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