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  1. Hi David, In response to your notes, Obviously personal information should not be shared. The results of the investigations and the list of each individual solution, should. That is the whole point of support forums! The fact that no listed solution here works, again, tells me that 8 months in and there is still not a grip on the original problem! Thank you, please do so. Every 2 weeks over an 8 month period is 35 patches and bugfixes for the same problem. Hopefully number 36 is the magic bullet for me! I am stunned. You either did not take the time to read my post correctly (granted, my frustration must putting you off), or you do not know the hardware that you yourself support. So again, running SteamVR "does not help people who have purchased their apps and games through VivePort!". Great. I can power my headset on. I can use SteamVR to setup my controllers and calibrate my playing space. Awesome! How does that help if all the apps and games I purchased are sitting in my VivePort library WHICH I CANNOT ACCESS AS THE INSTALLER KEEPS FAILING!!! Nobody purchases the headset to use as a powered on calibrated door stopper! They purchase it for the content! Suggesting that I can still technically "use it" is dishonest and conscious (or unconscious) misdirection! Not to mention the impression that this gives the client. So the lesson here seems to be, buy everything through Steam and not Viveport as Steam's platform actually works!! If a specialist can fast track a solution for me that would be amazing. It is a great alternative to the hundreds of posters in this forum who seem to have very rare joy from the official solutions provided. The most effective tactic seems to be, do any number of random things on the machine and eventually one day the problem disappears by itself! I am surprised that it is not stickied to the top of every page! I understand that none of this is your fault and that you are just trying to help, my frustration is firmly routed in astonishment after diving deeper and deeper into the forums and discovering how many issues people are experiencing with Vive and how rarely the "official" response is what does the trick. The installer is the most important thing to get correct. People are usually more forgiving when a service or software breaks at some point down the line. But a buggy installer gives a terrible first impression and a bad taste from the get go. The joy of unboxing quickly sours into something that first has to have lengthy troubleshooting before it can be used! Vive devs need to shift more priority to the installer. Obviously this message will never reach them, but that does not help alleviate my frustration or the problem!
  2. How is this still a problem over 8 months after it was first reported?? Instead of opening tickets to private emails, how about diagnosing and posting the solution here?? This tells me that 8 months later and Vive still doesn't have a solution! I've been combing through the forums and even tried the solutions to unrelated problems, turned off AV, disabled Firewall, booted in safe mode, run as admin, changed directory of the folder, did a fresh installation of Windows, NOTHING is working. Have exact same issue as the OP, when I started to install, Viveport asked me to sign in then said I do not have permissions to the install directory (even though logged in with the local admin). When I try to re-run the installer it says "Checking Version" then "Preparing" then the window just disappears! Please can one of the devs come off the 8 month holiday and troubleshoot this issue once and for all! And no, running SteamVR is NOT a solution that still allows you to utilise your hardware! Stop deceiving people so that the fact that this problem is not being resolved is swept under the rug! This does not help people who have purchased their apps and games through VivePort!
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