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  1. We have released a patch release (forum link) which should your problem. Please have a try, thank you.
  2. Hi everyone, We have released a new patch release v0.8.0p1 for Windows based on v0.8.0. This is not a full release, you should first download v0.8.0 and then apply the patch to replace aristo_interface.dll and aristo_interface.lib (only c++ and Unreal plugin need lib file). This patch should solve some problem reported on the forum, we only recommend you to apply this patch if you are affected: Crash when using OpenGL render API in OpenVR (forum link) Very high CPU usage (forum link) Potential conflicts with SRWorks Best Regards, zzy
  3. Hi We are working on Unreal plugin for Focus. It should be ready in the next version (target is early June). Best Regards, zzy
  4. Hi Thanks for the report. We just found the reason for high CPU usage is due to a wrong compiler flag. We are working on it and will release an updated dll next week.
  5. Hi , Thanks for the info. I will try to reproduce it this week to see if I can find any solutions.
  6. Hi Have you tried to install newer version of graphics drivers? I think the latest version of NVIDIA driver is 430.64. You can also reference this answer for other possible solutions.
  7. Hi If OpenCL query fails, then your graphics drivers are not installed properly. Please make sure you have installed latest version of both NVIDIA and Intel graphics drivers. You can check the "clean install" option in NVIDIA driver installer which completely removes old version before install new one. If OpenCL query succeeds, this might be a problem of Unity if you are using Unity 2018 series. Please check the second note in windows section of Unity plugin document for detail. As an easy way to identify this problem, you can build a windows x64 player and the OpenCL problem should be gone. Best Regards, zzy
  8. Hi I think there is one difference between Hand Tracking SDK and SRWorks SDK, that we don't actuall use DirectX and OpenGL APIs. So the problem might be different though they have similar behaviors. Can you problem a minimum working sample for us to reproduce your error and check how to fix it in Hand Tracking SDK? Also, I think you need to initialize OpenVR in your application first before starting Hand Tracking SDK. Best Regards, Zhongyang
  9. Hi Are you using latest SRWorks SDK? There used to be conflicts between SRWorks and Hand tracking SDK, but it should be solved in newer SRWorks SDK. I think you have tried to use both SDK together. Can you give some comments? Best Regards, Zhongyang
  10. Hi Tom, We have tested the Wireless adapter before. Since you can see three green marks in SteamVR settings, our SDK should work. Please make sure: 1. You have enabled OpenVR in your XRSettings in your Unity project 2. OpenVR is loaded as current XR device. There should be messages in the Unity console indicating OpenVR initialized at the beginning of the play. 3. You have installed MSVC runtime redist 2015 x64, you can download it from Microsoft website. I would alo suggest you to start SteamVR first, check green marks, and then start Unity. Please let me know if this solves your problem or not. Best Regards, zzy
  11. Hi From a quick google about "igdrclneo64.dll", it seems to be a driver problem which makes OpenCL failed to work. Please make sure: 1. You have installed latest drivers from NVIDIA/AMD (depending on your vendor) and Intel (seems your Intel CPU have integrated GPU). Don't use the one installed by Windows Update. Goto the company website and go to support/driver download page to download latest drivers. 2. Your Vive/Vive Pro is not connected to Intel iGPU. 3. If you still encounter this failure, I would recommend you to disable iGPU in your bios. Besides, you can test if OpenCL is successfully installed on your system. You can download a OpenCL device query binary from NVIDIA opencl sample website. Scroll down the page and download "OpenCL Device Query" for Windows (x64). You can use the binary in the "NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK\OpenCL\bin\win64\Release" folder of the zip file. Finally, if this does not solve your problem, I would recommend you to start a new topic dedicated for your problem and we can continue discussion there.
  12. Hi We only support x64 binaries in our SDK release for Windows due to the following reasons: 1. Most VR developement tools supports x64 (Unity, Unreal) and are dropping x86 supports. 2. VR applications usually can benefit from 64 bit advantages. 3. Our QA process can be simplified. May I know if there is any particular reason that blocks you to upgrade to x86_64?
  13. Hi Please help to provide more information about your problem, so we can identify the reason: 1. Can you show what's error you encountered in Unity 2018.2.20? 2. On Unity 2017.4.16, if it crashes after play, you can open Visual Studio, attach to Unity.exe and see where it crashes. See this link for instructions
  14. Hi , we are currently working on it. We plan to release it in Q2. Since no one in our team is familiar with Unreal, it may take some time.
  15. Please follow instructions in our document to setup camera on SteamVR: https://developer.viveport.com/documents/sdk/en/misc/steamvr.html
  16. Good to see it works. I have editted the post to include your problem in FAQ.
  17. Did you enable OpenVR in XRSettings? OpenVR must be loaded as the current XR device.
  18. 1. Are you using 32-bit Unity? We only support 64-bit Unity Editor on 64-bit Windows. 2. Please check if Assets/Aristo/Plugins/x86_64/aristo_interface.dll exists.
  19. Hello everyone, I'm developer of Vive Hand Tracking SDK. Sorry for the late reply, since we are busy working on GDC and VEC events. I have posted a FAQ topic for some common questions about the accuracy. Please let me know if this can solve your problems or if there is anything I'm missing.
  20. Hello everyone, I'm developer of Vive Hand Tracking SDK. This topic will include some suggestions and requirements for using Hand Tracking SDK. Before going through the following FAQ, I suggest you to read our official document, especially the overview section and corresponding plugin documents of your choice. This FAQ is intended for latest version (v0.9.1). If you are using older version, please upgrade to v0.9.1 first. About cosmos support Vive Cosmos support is added in v0.8.2 since it requires different camera API than Vive and Vive Pro. Please make sure version of your Vive Console is up to date. Pre-built samples Starting from version v0.8.2, prebuilt samples are provided in the package. Please refer to the "Prebuilt samples" folder in the zip file. The sample files are provided for Windows (Vive, Vive Po & Vive Cosmos) and WaveVR (Vive Focus & Vive Focus Plus). They are built using Sample scene in the Unity plugin. DllNotFoundException: aristo_interface To run inside Unity Editor, please make sure: Your are using 64bit Unity Editor. Make sure OpenVR is selected and loaded as VR/XR device. Start Detection Error: Camera Hand tracking SDK uses camera frames to detect hands, so make sure you have correct setup for camera device: On Windows, make sure you have setup SteamVR following our document. On Android phones & Focus, make sure you have granted camera permission before start detection. Some android phones does not support NDK camera2 API, therefore the camera cannot be started. Please try another mobile phone or upgrade system. You can use NDK camera2 sample to check if your phone supports this API. Some phones are reported that does not support NDK camera2 API: Xiaomi Redmi Note5, Meizu phones. Start Detection Error: OpenCL Hand tracking SDK on Windows requires OpenCL for GPU acceleration, therefore please make sure you have proper drivers installed: Upgrade your GPU driver to latest version from NVIDIA/AMD offical website. Make sure you closed SteamVR before running GPU installer If you have Intel integrated GPU, please make sure you installed latest driver of iGPU as well Unity 2018 series (before 2018.3.3f1) have issues for OpenCL in Unity Editor. See details in this Unity issue Bad hand detection accuracy Hand Tracking SDK uses a deep learning model to detection hands and fingers. So the accuracy depends largely on the training images, and we are consistently collecting data and improving accuracy. Therefore, hand detection, especially finger tracking, may vary based on your lighting condition and background. Here are some tips for temporarily improve accuracy: Roll you your sleeves, make sure wrest is fully visible. This can improve the finger accuracy a lot. On Vive Pro and Vive Focus, please hold your hand a little higher, since the camera vertical FOV is quite small. Try to have a high constract background with your hands. For example, avoid yellow wallpaper or wooden floor if you are East Asian; avoid white walls if you are European. The same goes for lighting. Try to use different light colors, and make sure it's neither too dark (cannot distinguish your hand from environment) nor too light (lossing hand texture details) in your room. On Android phone, make sure your phone is landscape left rotation.
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