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  1. Hi @Tima We have released v0.9.4 today. x86 build is included in the C++ plugin.
  2. Hi everyone, Vive Hand Tracking SDK has a new release v0.9.4 today. You can download it from here. Highlight of changes: Update deep learning models for all platforms. Add the option to limit max raw detection fps to save computing resources. (Unity) Add assembly definition files as separate package for Unity 2019 or newer. (Unity) Add support for Wave XR Plugin. (Unreal) Move native binary to a module in the project. All the contents of plugin are inside project folder. (Unreal) Experimental support for WaveVR Hand API (requires WaveVR 3.2.0). (C/C++) Add x86 binary. For detailed changes, please refer to release notes.
  3. Hi @stefy_rzv Although some newer phones have multiple cameras, hand tracking sdk only support one camera on Android phones. So it's always in 2d point mode for any Android phones. The statement for 3D position is only valid for VR HMD.
  4. Hi @ericvids After a quick test, I cannot reproduce this problem locally. My steps are listed below. Please let me know if I missed something. Unity version is 2018.4.19f, Vive Hand Tracking SDK 0.9.3, SteamVR plugin 2.6.1 (latest from Asset store). SteamVR version 1.14.16 I used SteamVR_TestTrackedCamera example scene as a start point, since this already has a camera texture. Please first make sure this scene alone can work fine. Attach GestureProvider script to [CameraRig]/Camera game object. For display purpose, add LeftHandRenderer and RightHandRenderer prefabs to the scene. Prefabs are inside Assets/ViveHandTracking/Prefab folder. Play the scene now, you can see both hand skeleton and camera texture. Tested on both Vive and Vive Pro.
  5. Hi @ericvids From my previous experiences, I think cameras from SteamVR can be accessed by multiple callers. A quick example is that when hand tracking is running, you can still see the camera preview in camera tab from SteamVR settings. As for how to access the camera frame/textures, you can refer to the OpenVR sample code here: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/openvr/tree/master/samples/tracked_camera_openvr_sample I'll have a check next week to see if I can reproduce this on my machine.
  6. Hi @毛.sy Good to know it's working. I will include this change in the next release.
  7. Hi @毛.sy Have you tried the solution I posted in another thread? https://forum.vive.com/topic/8921-hand-tracking-use-in-unity/?do=findComment&comment=37867
  8. Hi @毛.sy Can you please try if the following changes solve your problem? Please change UpdateResult function in Assets\ViveHandTracking\Scripts\Engine\ViveHandTrackingEngine.cs to: public override void UpdateResult() { var transform = GestureProvider.Current.transform; IntPtr ptr; int index; var size = GestureInterface.GetGestureResult(out ptr, out index); if (index < 0) { Debug.LogError("Gesture detection stopped"); State.Status = GestureStatus.Error; State.Error = GestureFailure.Internal; return; } if (index <= lastIndex) return; lastIndex = index; if (State.Status == GestureStatus.Starting) State.Status = GestureStatus.Running; if (size <= 0) { State.LeftHand = State.RightHand = null; return; } bool isLeft = false; var structSize = Marshal.SizeOf(typeof(GestureResultRaw)); for (var i = 0; i < size; i++) { var gesture = (GestureResultRaw)Marshal.PtrToStructure(ptr, typeof(GestureResultRaw)); ptr = new IntPtr(ptr.ToInt64() + structSize); for (int j = 0; j < 21; j++) gesture.points[j] = transform.TransformPoint(gesture.points[j]); State.SetRaw(gesture); isLeft = gesture.isLeft; } if (size == 1) { if (isLeft) State.RightHand = null; else State.LeftHand = null; } }
  9. @davide445 All existing headset support will continue in v1.0
  10. Hi @davide445 Yes, we are definitely maintaining back compatibility, ever since the first release of SDK.
  11. Hi @毛.sy We don't support changing camera scale in the current version. Can you please share your use case why you need to scale the camera in a VR application? Can you please verify if setting camera scale to (1,1,1) can solve the problem?
  12. Hi @davide445 Sorry for the late reply, we just came back from a long holiday. Due to internal schedule changing, v1.0 is postponed to release together with future hardware. In the meantime, regarding the SDK improvement we made this year, I think you can start trying out the SDK and use it in your application. Please let me know if there is any feature you need is not within the SDK. As for the commercial project, there are indeed projects on-going, but I cannot say much about that.
  13. Hi @Tima We plan to release new version before end of October.
  14. Hi @Tima We have migrated all the dependencies to support x86 now. This should be available in next update. Will let you know when we have an ETA.
  15. Hi @Verlinch Are you using Vive Input Utility in your project? I'm not quite familiar with VIU, I'll see if I can ask some colleague to look into this as well. Meanwhile, I think we can check with the following: I assume your scene can work without hand tracking, i.e. by disabling GestureProvider script. Can you please try with sample scenes in VIU if this problem still exists? So I can try to reproduce this on my side. Please also share the version of VIU and SteamVR on your PC.
  16. Hi @aleks Ideally wireless headset can work with hand tracking sdk, but the stability is quite low, including SteamVR hang, camera stream stops after tracking loss (can only resume after SteamVR restart) and etc. Therefore we recommend wired connections for hand tracking.
  17. Hi @andrewchilicki Unfortunately, Cosmos Elite is currently not supported by Hand Tracking SDK. This is due to camera stream is not available using current API. We are investigating the possiblitiy to enable camera stream internally, but there is no ETA at the moment. For now, if you want to use HMD with lighthouse, we recommend Vive Pro or Valve Index, which are both supported by Vive Hand Tracking SDK. However, wireless adapter is not recommended. With wireless adapter, camera stream is stopped and cannot be resumed if tracking is lost. The only way to have camera stream again is to restart SteamVR.
  18. Hi @Mohsen Asghari v0.9.3 is now released, you can download it from here. The new version should fix the hand missing problem after teleporting.
  19. Hi @Xyah v0.9.3 is now released, you can download it from here. It improves GPU usage in hand tracking sdk on Windows. Please have a try.
  20. Hi @duelgame v0.9.3 is now released, you can download it from here. It improves GPU usage in hand tracking part. Please have a try.
  21. @Frank_Cough v0.9.3 is now released, you can download it from here
  22. Hi everyone, Vive Hand Tracking SDK has a new release v0.9.3 today. You can download it from here. Highlight of changes: Update deep learning models for all platform. Add support for Valve Index Speedup detection on Windows Support define custom gestures in skeleton mode in Unity and Unreal plugin Update mesh for cartoon hand Support simulate hand without VR devices in Unity Editor For detailed changes, please refer to release notes.
  23. Hi @Liyea You can disable hand renderer script, so hand is not rendered. If you need the hand renderer script to be active (e.g. using the collider), you can change the hand material to a no-op material that always draws tranparent color.
  24. Hi @tired You can select collider type to add collider by hand renderer, it adds collider for all joints. If you want to add colliders for fingertips only, you need to create custom scripts for this. You can reference hand renderer script for how to add colliders. Basically, you need create a few spheres colliders and update their position to match finger tip position.
  25. Hi @tired Please select the OnStateChanged method in dynamic int (red box), not the one in static parameters (black box). The dynamic version will send actual state to Grab script, while static one will always send fixed state (in your case 0) to Grab script.
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