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  1. Hi @davide445 Since we are now partly working from home, the next release will take some time. The estimated time now is first half of May.
  2. Hi @nocanwin We also have a 1060 notebook in office when we run tests. Though I didn't check the frame rate, but I don't feel any lagging when using the sample exe with Vive Pro. I'll check the frame time next week.
  3. Hi @nocanwin Hand tracking does not support running with CPU on Windows, so this error is expected behaviour. As for the scene performance, do you have some break down about the time? What is the difference between 12ms and 5ms in Unity profiler? Can you identify some scripts that takes very long time, or the whole performance is slow? Please also check Windows Task Manager and see if CPU is at 100% utilization.
  4. Hi @nocanwin If the sample project runs at 9ms, then I would suggest you to check what is in your scene that makes the execution slow. I would suggest to use the same project for both sample and your scene to make a even compare. What is your game engine, Unity or Unreal? What's your HMD? Do you have some detailed profiling result (provided by Unity or Unreal) that can show which functions is taking a very long time?
  5. Hi @davide445 If you need to use Valve Index controllers, you must have lighthouse for it to work.
  6. Hi @davide445 Sorry, I never used Gestoops before. There is not much info on their website, but they seems to be using seperate cameras. You might need to find places to attach these cameras like leap motion.
  7. Hi @davide445 Thanks for the suggestion. I agree that a native working hand tracking using HMD front camera would be perfect solution, this is our goal for the Hand Tracking SDK. We will consider your suggestion, however since this will require more resources and not as scalable as raw hands, we will put it at lower priority.
  8. Hi @davide445 Glad to know you have mounted leap motion successfully. About your question, wearing a glove does not help for Vive Hand Tracking SDK, since our SDK is trained with hands without gloves. Here are some suggestion you can try: Roll up sleeves and take off your watch if any Avoid light sources in the background, including window and lights Try to make your room brighter (e.g. turn on the lights even in day time), but don't look at light sources directly
  9. Hi @davide445 I'm not sure if the faceplate is purchasable by itself. You might need to buy the whole HMD.
  10. Hi @davide445 If you what to use Vive knuckles, you need at least to use the HMD that supports lighthouse, be it either Vive Pro or Cosmos Elite. I'm not familiar with this, but I think you also need to use controllers that support knuckles.
  11. Hi @davide445 Considering we collected more data from Vive Pro than Vive Cosmos, I think Vive Pro might perform better than Vive Cosmos, but that depends on your environment. If you already have a Vive Pro, I would suggest to test it yourself.
  12. Hi @davide445 I haven't used Leap Motion for about 3 years, so I'm not sure if there is any place feasible on Cosmos for it. I think you have to test it yourself. As for the USB port, you might need the to connect to all the way back to your PC (ugly, but should be working). Also, there is a new product that is announced recently: the Cosmos XR. We would expect hand tracking to perform better on it since camera is better.
  13. Hi @davide445 Thanks for your video test. I think the problem is when your hand is small (e.g. fist gesture) or your hand is a little further from the camera, the result is not good enough. We will try to see how can we improve this situation. As for the v1 release, we currently don't have a solid date for v1, but we definitely hope to have it this year. That's all I can say about the release date right now. We will keep using the same license as the current release. Also, please note that due to the nature of the cameras, some self-occluded gestures may not have good performance, even in the v1 release. I would suggest you to avoid using such gestures in your application.
  14. Hi @davide445 Please let me know what problem you encountered in UE4 so we help to solve the problem. Regarding to the video, I think this is what to except at the moment, basically all your hands can be tracked correctly with small jitterness. There are some occasional wrong track result (especially for left hand) and we are trying to solve that issue. To improve the situation, I think here are the things you can try: Try to increase the overall brightness of your environment. We have got reports that brighter room has better performance. Please avoid sunlight directly on your hand. Roll up your sleeves if any, this can help to reduce the chance of wrong track restuls. Try a cleaner environment. Please let me know if this helps.
  15. Hi @davide445 Since all your actions are quite similar to natural input, I think hand tracking is easier to learn than controllers, especially for non-gamers. The SDK is in beta status because we think there are still much room for performance improvedment, but feel free to use it in your commercial projects. As for the support, forum is the only public support for hand tracking currently. But if you already have Vive commercial support, you can raise your questions there and they will loop us to answer the questions for you. @VibrantNebula, can you please help to comment about the commercial support?
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