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  1. Hi @CSharpMaster Thanks for the steps to reproduce. We will investigate the reason and I think it can be improved in the next version. Target release date is end of February. As for now, one suggestion is to move the HMD slower and don't make long moves. Or you can add hints to users and let them put hands down and up again.
  2. Hi @CSharpMaster Can you please clarify the situation, how did you move your camera? You mean moves HMD or you are add extra offset to the parent game object of MainCamera? Also, can you try the Sample scene and see what happens to the skeleton? Please use v0.9.0 which should have better accuracy than v0.8.1.
  3. Hi @WOP I'm not really familiar with the SteamVR driver part, but since Hand tracking consumes SteamVR camera texture, I think there it's not surprising to have a loop dependency in this case. We are still evaluating the possibility to map hand to controllers right now, and there is currently no estimated time for this. If you need to achieve this, you might need to do it in Unity or Unreal instead of doing it in SteamVR driver.
  4. @MDV Games Thanks for the info, seems like our mistake to make Android phone as default build target in v0.9.0. I'll add that to FAQ.
  5. Hi @MDV Games This seems the problem in 6DoF tracking, please make sure you didn't block the front cameras and they are not dirty. Please try to upgrade your Focus to see if it helps.
  6. Hi @DLight To troubleshoot performance on Cosmos, please make sure: Your Vive Console version is at least v1.0.7.x, recommended version v1.0.8.8 If you are using other SDKs that uses camera, please turn them off first, so we can make sure the problem is in Hand Tracking SDK Please use see-through to check your environment and hand condition. Make sure your hand is neither too bright (i.e. no texture is visible) nor too dark (hand barely visible from background). You can open/close the Cosmos see-through by double clicking the Vive button of right controller. By the way, can you share the video about cosmos? Let me check what version of SDK it's using.
  7. Hi @JCSegula Please have a try for the new release v0.9.0, which should fix the shake issue.
  8. @dipankerJuego @MDV Games @UPSImmersiveLab Skeleton support on Vive Focus is now available in v0.9.0
  9. Hi everyone, Vive Hand Tracking SDK has a new release v0.9.0 today. You can download it from here. Highlight of changes: Update deep learning models for all platform. Add skeleton support on Vive Focus and Vive Focus Plus. Add new pre-defined gesture: Victory. Reduced result jitterness. Improved results to be more realistic. For detailed changes, please refer to release notes. Best Regards, zzy
  10. Hi @Fink Please make sure you follow the unzip instructions in Unreal setup document. Please make sure the folder "<UE_4.20 folder>/Engine/Source/ThirdParty/ViveHandTracking" and "<project root>/Plugins/ViveHandTracking" both exist.
  11. Hi @docb This seems like your unreal project is blueprint only and does not support c++ files. You need to add new c++ source files in your project first. Please try the the steps from link1 or link2.
  12. Hi @docb You need to regenerate VS project and rebuild from source, please follow the steps below: Delete immediate and saved folders in your project. Right click your *.uproject file and select "generate source code from project" command Open your project in VS and rebuild
  13. Hi @UPSImmersiveLab The status for Vive Focus and Vive Focus Plus are same, support for skeleton mode is planned to release by the end of this year. The current version (v0.8.2) supports gesture and 3D point detection on Focus and Focus plus. If you encounter problems about building with WaveVR SDK, please create a new post with the error you encountered, so we can help you to solve it. The supported WaveVR version is 2.1.8 or newer. If you are working with Unity, I would recommend you to use LTS versions (2017.4 or 2018.4), since they are more stable. We do support 2019, but newer version after plugin release may have some features that break the plugin.
  14. Hi @JCSegula The current release do have some jittering in the results and we are trying to improve it. Internally, we do have some improvements with the jittering and expect to release new version before the end of the year. For now, I would suggest you to make the buttons (or only the trigger area) slightly larger so you can trigger the button easier.
  15. Hi @JCSegula and @Kikuto In my answer in a related post, I think the detected hand and the see through hand aligns together. There might be some lagging in the detected when you moving your hand fast. Please follow the steps in the linked post and see if it suits your need.
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