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  1. Hi We would also like to apply to be a HTC Vive Reseller We are Located in Copenhagen, Denmark Please send information so we can make a formal application Thanks
  2. Hey Tony Thanks for getting back to us Yes it is our problem of getting the application onto the SD card inserted into the Focus. We have managed to solve / find the problem. It was when building and Run from Unity ...you have to add the company name in the build. There is actuall 2 places where this needs to be added before the app will build and be transported to the andriod device. This is under "Player setting - other settings" So if this make sense to you? but after fixing this we could then run the app on the focus. Please comment if you have any other remarks. Thanks Denis
  3. HI there We want ot be able to upload a VR app to the Vive Focus' SD card and run a VR in koisk mode. However we cannot get any connection to the Focus. Is there someone that can help with this problem Thanks KR
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