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  1. Glad I ran across this thread. I thought my eyes were going bad or my goggles were having power brownouts. I agree this is an annoying feature. Not sure why it's even there when the user doesn't see the lights outside their goggles anyway. This really needs to be removed.
  2. Ok I should have read this thread before doing the upgrade. Have one of the first batch Vive, never a problem. Last year upgraded the HMD to Pro for higher resolution, no problem either. So last month I sold my complete setup of VivePro with basestation 1.0, and bought a brand new Vive Pro kit with v2.0 basestation and controllers. installed it in same room on same pc, and experienced loss of tracking consistently. This is a dedicated VR PC running nothing but Vive and Steam stuff. i7-6700 16GB 1080 video card. All drivers up to date. Playing Beat Saber, one controller would lose tracking everytime about 1/2 into the round, and when tracking regains it's offset from my hand (like it's a floating shadow). Playing Pavlov would make the ground shift, and sometime even turn the HMD to gray screen while game continues to run on regular monitor. Playing other games would have the ground jump up to waist high. It is just unusable at this point. I also noticed the Vive status window tells me my basestations are too far at 5.65m instead of 5.50. Not sure if moving them closer together would fix is, but it was never an issue before with v1.0 basestations. Any other suggestions on how to fix this?
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