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  1. Well this comming Monday my friend will get the Original vive (same as i have). but he has bought a new powerful PC, I will take my wireless there and install, lets see how it plays out. I will send another msg here to let you know the result (also to help others looking for a solution) on Tuesday. Well yes i know you are correct, cant listen to many people in internet, they might not know how to troubleshoot properly, Im no genius of any kind but at least I am into computers since Commodore Vic20 ;), I programmed back then and also worked in I.T. Support, of course nothing of that is helping me now ;) I will test on Monday, I do really hope his system works well with vive wireless, if not I will be relactant to spend £2500-£3000 on a new MB/CPU/RAM/VGA, but if his system works well with it I go for it, anyways I know I need an update regadless of VR or not. Just one note, yes HTC recommends a higher CPU as min, and we all know the having the min specs for anything is not good news, and mine is under, so well, but also note that following fact, if I was wired I would not need any hardware upgrades, yes it will be better but not required since i can play all VR titles very well, so this brings me the question i read elsewhere "the wireless adapter should not load the CPU so much in any case, but it does, its not my VGA i know that, i tested, its the CPU, maybe there is more to it yes, but the adapter is not suppose to tax CPU like that, unless there are conflicts that I am not aware. I will test on Monday, as for me now I have to put it back to wired ;(, with my current setup there is no solution, i dont mind playing Pavlov at 100%ss instead of 180/200, but not being able to play Dirt Rally (see blocky pixels/stutters) in VR Wireless is what finally has pushed me to remove it, hopefully my friends PC will run good bringing some relief to me, if not I will just sell it ;( I will report back, and many thanks for your help, I apriciate it! have a nice day.
  2. Yes of course, mind you i know my PC is not new at all, but keep in mind that wired it kicks, i can run Pavloc at 200%ss with no issues and dirt rally looks and runs very good when wired, also keep in mind that so many people with i7 8700 with 1080ti are having same issues as me, my specs are: I5 2500k intel cpu oc4.2ghz Ddr3 16gb 1600 ram Evga 1070 ftw Original vive + vive wireless Wireless adapter connected to pcie x1 as recommended, pcie is gen 2 but htc states it will work same on gen 1/2/3. When wired i can run whatever i want in vr and can apply ss to all with no negative issues, now with wireless it seems pavlov is one of few games i can play well wireless, but only at 100% ss :(. Dirt rally (revive) wired is awesome, wireless is unplayable, not because of performance, performance is good even wireless, its the image, it becomes unsteady (stutters), blocky pixels switch on/off constantly, rrrrr... I got the wireless adapter in pcie x1 (gen2), it works good, have not tried other pcie slots (x4/x8) since i really think its useless to try, many have tried that to same result..... My issue is not rare with the wireless as u sure know, people with powerful new pc and vga are also suffering from this. To conclude this is what i did: "I contacted htc tech support and asked them: 'if i get a new i9 most powerful cpu and an rtx2080ti and 32gb of fast ddr4 ram, will i be able to run the wireless adapter with games with good result, yes or no?', they should reply a 'yes' if wireless hardware is well made why would they ssy anything else than 'yes', if after that big expense from my part i still have same issues, i think that will be the end of htc for me, its a shame cause vive hmds are the best but i wont support a brand that produces hardware that only works on 5% of cases, will see what happens.." Thanks for trying to help a fraustrated person like me hehe :)
  3. Since i cannot find the way to delete this post i may say i overstated some parts of my original msg :), so fraustrated, anyways will see how it goes, good luck to all :))
  4. Consider yourself lucky (at present time), i bought the vive wireless adapter and it just works on some games. Best advice anyone can give you is: Look at the reviews on this domain, go to tech support and search, you will find so many people pissed off (like me), it does not deliver what they say it does, if i where you i would wait till they fix the product, do not buy now since it may never be fixed and you will throw your cash away like many did. I hope they do fix it since wireless is the best accessorie you can buy for VR, check tech support and wait for people stating it now works as it should, then buy.
  5. I respected HTC hardware for its quality and it delivered what was promised, UNTIL i bought the vive wireless adapter, like 99% of others that purchased this hardware i became a victim of lies! I seen all the adverts before buying, things like "you wont even notice you are wireless" (in regards to image quality), yeah really ??? Plug in Dirt Rally in VR, wired it runs and looks so good, wireless is all big blocky pixels and stutters like hell, so clearly the marketting statement is a straight lie (fraud!), why did they not mention: 1) it has a fault that eats any cpu for breakfast. 2) that you cannot ss games like wired, not even close! Some like pavlov must leave it at 100%. 3) that even Steam Vr home stutters and looks so ugly, and its the main interface! The list goes on and on...... They should have been honest and state something like: "Its very new concept and its far from perfect, please support us and we will improve it so to make it a good product, in time" Instead we were promised things that they knew they could not deliver. I chose this as a Christmas present and im totally pissed off, the situation is WE ALL THROWN AWAY OUR CASH. Now what, wait 1 year if ever is fixed, by then a new hmd from htc, maybe Vive 2 will come out and then what, if HTC fails to deliver what they promised i will not buy anything from htc anymore, i will completely loose my faith in them, i still have 1% hope remaining. My case is clear, they said you pay us £££ for the wireless adapter and we will deliver a product that will make u think u still wired in regards to graphic quality, clearly its a big lie, no excuses accepted, only thing they can still do is "WORK ON IT NOW AND FIX IT SO TO DELIVER WHAT WAS PROMISED TO US", we not even informed weekly on updates on efforts to solve a faulty product. In my case i could not even take time off to test it until about 10 days after purchase and spend another week trying to get a suposed finished good product to work as it should, but as all others, its of no use, its not good if it works well for 1 person and bad for 25, lots of issues, it is a faulty product or its not well done or both. My suggestion: Lets unite and contact HTC as a group, demand from them what they promised or return us our cash back in full, if not we can get a lawyer together, i offer myself to be the one to contact them via phone and email to arrange. They stated what they did and they did not comply, we cannot let manufacturers treat us like that with no consequences. If you agree, please state in u r msg as the first words "i agree", if we get enough support (we should since there are tons of victims here like myself) i will push it so they fix it or if they dont we get our cash back in full and if not well then the lawyer will decide our next action". Action is required, no more complaints...
  6. Im another victim here :(. I have a 2500k i5 1070ftw Wired it runs butter smooth even with high ss, wireless kills performance too much, cant play dirt rally now (vive) all is blocky, if this is corrected a vive version 6 might be out. Waste of my cash....... I will disconnect wireless and go back to cables.... no options available ....
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