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  1. Hi, Is there any update on this? Is it an expected feature (support for more than 4 base stations)? I really wish communications on this subject were more clear. Some of us enterprise developers like to plan ahead (we're funny this way) and knowing the roadmap is kinda useful. Thanks!
  2. Ok I thought I'd add more information here, as the frustrations just seem to pile up with each new update. Version 1.2.7 of SteamVR brings a new set of annoyances for enterprise. 1. We used to be able to pair 3 trackers and 2 controllers to the same machine (with 1 dongle, not simultaneously) and then use EITHER the 2 controllers (for setup) OR the 3 trackers (for actual system use). Now whenever I pair with the other set it forgets the pairings of the previous devices, even though they are not even on. 2. Trackers that are kept on for a restart (with the 'dont turn off controllers when SteamVR shuts down' setting in power management) the light stays green but when steamVR boots up again it doesn't connect to the tracker (only to controllers) so I have to manually turn down the tracker (which still shows a green light!) and turn it back on for steamVR to recognize it. 3. When turning controllers/trackers on/off the 'special chosen two' that have input seems arbitrary. 4. Still can't get pogo pin input for more than 2 trackers. Or NO TRACKER if controllers are on ... I would be happy to hear of anything that would make the maintanance and support of our deployed solutions any less of of a nightmare to keep up and running ....
  3. wrote: Hi all, The new SteamVR input system (note it's not Vive specific) was announced 6+ months ago, and there were changes that should've only affected a few apps and bring benefits to all apps with regards to trackers. You can adress in one of several ways if you are still affected: have the trackers that require pogo pin interfacing be recognized as a controller (tracker held in hand) if you can make it bind as one of the first 2 devices (basically as a L or R controller) i.e. instruct the user how to manage the trackers bindings from SteamVR settings. Currently there are known issues reported on the OpenVR github and SteamVR Unity plugin github regarding button inputs via the pogo pins (or additional controllers) beyond the first 2 (Left and Right) controllers. As for rolling back to a version before the new Input System, although the branch to fall back on has been removed, if you are really in a bind as your developers update to the new input system, there is a way a user can roll back any app on Steam (only as a last resort): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1086279994 Sorry for the harsh tone ahead but its the result of lots of time wasted trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. (spoiler: turns out it wasn't me doing something wrong) Seriously - there is not way the "open" API for VR (aka OpenVR) can provide me with untouched raw input values for all connected devices? I need to manually load a 6+ months old version of SteamVR?? I'm working on a serious enterprise solution involving multiple trackers which is completely unusuable now. You can take the money for the trackers but have no API to access their inputs??? Is there anothe API I'm unaware of through which you privde access to the functionality you sell? You were not able to fix this for 6+ months .... so either Valve really wanted (and succeeded) in sticking it to HTC with their enterprise efforts or some truely incompetent folks are involved. Both options are equally sad!
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