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  1. @jeonsanghyun Sorry for the late response. I will recommend to use Vive Input Utility(VIU) if you are thinking of cross platform(OpenVR <- -> Oculus or PC <- -> Android) development. You are required to import SteamVR Unity Plugin for development even if you use VIU. For Viveport and Steam, you might need to read the revenues or related stuff from their websites. But, I found this online, hope this helps.
  2. @ralfdestroyer As far as I know the VIVEPORT Video's owner is Viveport team. You might need to contact them directly.
  3. @ralfdestroyer Could you try using content://com.android.externalstorage.documents/document/primary%3AMovies%2F2020.mp4 instead?
  4. @ralfdestroyer I tried with "adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -t text/plain -d file:///storage/emulated/0/Movies/11.txt" and it works.
  5. @Leo Riveron Did you do the room setup for your Rift S? I just run the Teleport scene with OpenVR and it is the same as Oculus. Below is my view in compositor, does your view also stick to the ground too?
  6. @Leo Riveron Could you try upgrade your VIU to the latest one? UPDATE: I couldn't reproduce your issue with Rift S and VIU 1.10.6 and Oculus Desktop plugin
  7. @Leo Riveron How to use Rift S without any plugins? What did you select in VIU Settings(Edit>Preferences>VIU Settings)?
  8. @Leo Riveron Could you list the exact versions of Unity Editor, VIU and any plugins(Oculus Integration? Oculus XR Plugin?)? I will test on my side with Rift S. UPDATE: By looking at your controller model, did you only installed Oculus XR Plugin? No Oculus Integration imported?
  9. @jeonsanghyun Are you planning to do cross platform for your Unity project?
  10. @AlGolden Which video recording did you use? I added our SW PM @Tony PH Lin to assist you.
  11. @AlGolden Without PC, probably you will need to install certain app or making one of your own. Currently I have no idea how to do it without PC. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. @AlGolden Which OS are you using? For windows, you just need to key the commands in Windows Command Prompt.
  13. @AlGolden Please use below adb commands to record video. > adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/video.mp4 > adb pull /sdcard/video.mp4
  14. @anglee Please refer to the VIU's example scene (UGUI). It is located at Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\ViveInputUtility\Examples\1.UGUI\
  15. If you saw connection timeout, you can repeat step 4 instead of step 3, just keep the streaming server up running. Simply stop device apk and start again. @shashkes Is your problem resolved?
  16. Could you provide detailed version (2018.4.x) of Unity Editor? And please update Wave SDK to the latest version, and try again.
  17. Could you paste the actual error log? And, is it showing in the headset or command prompt?
  18. Could you try ping the ip address again? Is it still the same? Usually I will do the following steps, 1. Update IP Address to the Direct Preview Config 2. Install Device apk 3. Start streaming server 4. Start device apk 5. Play Unity Editor If this fails, stop device apk and streaming server and try again from step3. NOTE: If it connects successfully, the streaming server will keep printing lots of logs. One more thing is that when you stop device apk, make sure you did not just exit by pressing the system button on controller button. It will be better to re-install the device apk to ensure it is completely exited.
  19. I found this online, First of all be sure you have 2 Video cards. Example 1 is intel and other one dedicated like nvidia or amd. It is because when you disable one video card then other can automatically takes place of the disable one. Steps Right click on my computer. Select manage from the options. Now choose DEVICE MANAGER from the left side list. As soon you click on device manager, on your right side your all pc hardware components information will appear. Click on arrow sign of DISPLAY option, you will find both of your cards information. Select and right click on INTEL integrated graphics and select disable. Note: as soon as you disable intel card, your monitor will go black for 2 sec. don’t panic. Now your intel card is disabled. Now all your graphics will load from your other dedicated graphics card. NOTE: Please make sure you see 2 video cards under DISPLAY option.
  20. Which OS are you using? Windows 10? It will not affect your computer, you can always turn it back on after you finish using Direct Preview.
  21. Could you try disabling your Intel GPU? The GPU [0] vendor id is 32902, vendor description is Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630
  22. @shashkes Which version of the Wave SDK are you using? Before I did hit this error before, but after I restarted my PC, it will work. UPDATE: Could you try to use DDU to uninstall the Nvidia and AMD driver and reinstall again?
  23. @jboss Didn't you mention that you used a script to attach the racket, what you want to achieve? Which script(remark) are you referring to?
  24. @shashkes Please try running directly from command prompt and paste the result here, thanks!
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