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  1. @dlobser I think your previous error comes from the Samples folder. Maybe you did not fully import what is needed. Could you try deleting the Samples folder?
  2. @jwatson This might need more time to check and I will also check with Wave XR Plugin team. Will reply you later.
  3. @jwatson I just move the Asset/Wave folder inside Asset/3rd_party/Wave folder, it seems ok. Don't move the folder in Unity Editor, use Windows file explorer. I am not sure will you get an unexpected error, let me know if you have issue.
  4. You mentioned you "followed the wave installation directions", where did you get the directions from? And, could you screenshot your project folders to me? For example, If it is brand new, I assume your folders will be much lesser.
  5. @dlobser Could you try creating a new project and just install Wave XR Plugin(xrsdk, native and essence)? Or could you share your project to me for further investigation?
  6. @jwatson Are you trying to move the Wave folder(Assets/Wave/Essence/) to other location?
  7. @dlobser Could you try click on "Check packages"? Will it fix your errors? For Wave XR Plugin's camera, you just need to add below items(Camera and TrackedPoseDriver) to your scene, Let me know if you still having issues.
  8. @dlobser If you still cannot resolve the errors, please screenshot what you have installed in your Package Manager. For example,
  9. @dlobser Go to Edit>Project Settings, and click Essence. It will import feature packages automatically.
  10. @dlobser Camera prefab? What is your issue? If you install VIVE Wave XR Plugin - Essence from Package Manager, it will import feature packages. There are some sample scenes in below path. For example, Assets\Wave\Essence\Controller\Model\4.0.0\Demo\Scenes\
  11. @dlobser Which version of Wave SDK did you install in your project? And, did you switch to Android platform?
  12. @Reply Lives Matter I will borrow Quest 2 device next Monday and test on my side. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  13. @Reply Lives Matter Could you list all the plugin versions that you installed in your project? For example, VIU, Oculus Integration... etc.
  14. @Reply Lives Matter How about add this patch to your project? Will it work?
  15. @Reply Lives Matter Is VIU's example scene work fine on your Oculus Quest 2? Just want to be double check that your project can get all button inputs with VIU.
  16. @12345678912345678912345678 My test result as follows, Install Essence package, then it will use runtime controller model, that's why you cannot load hand model. If you switch to new project, is there any other issue that you might need my help?
  17. @12345678912345678912345678 @Naukri @Reply Lives Matter The maximum number of posts is increased. I will get back to you ASAP after I tried your project setup on my PC.
  18. @12345678912345678912345678 Could you list all the versions of Unity Editor and Plugins + SDK? For your original project, are you able to share it for further investigation? If not, just move to new project and move on.
  19. @12345678912345678912345678 Could you re-open your Unity project again? Or could you verify on new project with my patch? I tested with VIU's example scene(UGUI).
  20. @12345678912345678912345678 It seems your path is correct, you should have permission to edit the file. Before you edit the SimulatorModule.cs, did you see any model? From my side, I see Focus's finch controller model when I set it to Vive Hand Tracking Track Hand Right/Left.
  21. @Naukri Which lines did you edit? I tried below changes and it works. In SimulatorModule.cs line 422 and 441, Change the deviceClass to TrackedHand.
  22. @Naukri In SimulatorModule.cs, Change the deviceClass to TrackedHand instead of Controller. BTW, Simulator cannot control via your hand, just like controller cannot control by your controller too. What's your main purpose of using Simulator? Do you just want to run your project with Unity Editor while using Focus 3? Like a PC VR?
  23. @12345678912345678912345678 How about add below code? public ViveRoleProperty role = ViveRoleProperty.New(); And set role in Unity Editor.
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