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  1. Good to hear that! It is supposed to work like what you did which is described in VIU's Wiki. But, that didn't work for me when I use 1.12.5. I will try again to see if it actually works. UPDATE: Just double check, it also works for me when using SteamVR 1.12.5. I tried with 2 controllers + 2 Vive trackers.
  2. @InfiniteVR I will take a look at your project. BTW, I am looking for this setting window, Would you mind share the same screenshot to me for all the trackers? Thanks! UPDATE: After checking the latest SteamVR, it does not support tracker to get input if there are 2 controllers connected! I will need time to do more investigation on this, get back to you when I have final result. @InfiniteVR By using SteamVR beta 1.13.8, I am able to use multiple trackers with input. Could you try with this version and provide your result? Thanks!
  3. @clk1999 Are you using Vive Input Utility(VIU) for your development? For the popup part, you can check whether the trackers are connected or not. For example, var deviceState = VRModule.GetCurrentDeviceState(ViveRole.GetDeviceIndexEx(TrackerRole.Tracker1)); Debug.Log("Is Tracker1 connected? " + deviceState.isConnected); Next, you could use "BindDeviceToRole" api for assigning them to certain game objects. 1. Making your game objects to certain role 2. When you detected trackers are connected 3. Assign them to the role that you have assigned for those game objects All above code could be found in VIU.
  4. @InfiniteVR Could you provide the screenshot of your "Manage Vive Trackers" (See attached image) in SteamVR Settings? If you could provide your Unity project for further investigation, it will be helpful too. By the way, did you revert the changes you made to your tracker's json file? >> VIU plugin : could reproduce the problem on v1.0.6, v1.0.7 and v1.0.11 (downloaded directly on Github page) Do you mean VIU version 1.10.6, 1.10.7 and 1.11.0?
  5. @purtell222 Are you referring to the task posted by Corvus?
  6. @Snikabarz Are you using the same version mentioned in this thread? Base HTC Vive? So it is a PC based HMD?
  7. @Snikabarz Which version of the WaveVR SDK you are using and which demo scene(scene provided by samples unitypackage?) you are referring to? Could you also provide debug log from your device? Are you using Vive Focus or Focus Plus?
  8. @Bethany28 If a short video is too troublesome, you could also share screeshots on where to find those settings, thanks!
  9. @Bethany28 Could you share a short video on how to do the fix? Thanks!
  10. I was told that this issue was fixed internally, but it wasn't released to public yet. Sorry for the inconvenience! UPDATE: Default was set to read the first graphic card which is the Intel graphic card
  11. Could you try to disable Intel graphic card from the Bios and try again?
  12. @Ryan Chapman Please try to reboot your PC and try again.
  13. @muella91, May I please know which engine you are using to develop your application? Unity? Unreal? Which SteamVR Plugin version?
  14. @VictoryVR, Could you please try method below? Print out the buildtime, but the version might not be the same as the public release version. For example, I tested on WaveSDK v3.1.6, but it prints out as v3.1.5.
  15. OK, I will take a look at the issue you found, thanks! Yup, direct preview only works for Windows platform.
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