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  1. @ScottyVIVE There is an extra USB port on VIVE headset, but it just works as a normal USB port. You should check how you can get data input from Unity, is there any SDK provided?
  2. @bleater Could you paste your AndroidManifest.xml? And, is it located at this location(Assets/Plugins/Android/AndroidManifest.xml)?
  3. @y123 When your controller's coordinates varies in Unity, could you press System button and check whether the controller position align with your Unity or it aligns with real world? Are you able to record a short video or a sample project showing the error?
  4. @bleater Which WaveSDK version are you using?
  5. @saidyy My suggestion is to break your project into smaller parts. 1. Create a class that can search your media files including pdf and display in VR world for user to select 2. You might be able to use VideoPlayer from Unity to play media files For beginner, you could use Vive Input Utility to start your VR project.
  6. You're welcomed, remember to update your WaveSDK, so that Wave and Oculus SDKs can co-exist in the same project.
  7. This version will conflict with Oculus package. Please remove or upgrade to latest version.
  8. Could you try removing WaveSDK related files(aar)? Can your application run on Oculus Quest after removing?
  9. @folmer Which WaveSDK version did you import?
  10. @folmer Could you list all SDKs/plugins that you have imported into your project? Unity, Oculus mobile SDK, WaveSDK... etc Also, could you provide a screenshot of your external tools(Unity>Edit>Preferences>External Tools) settings? You mentioned application crashed? Any logs?
  11. @Annabell By looking into SteamVR Plugin, there is a function(FindExistingActionForPartialPath) in SteamVR_Action.cs. Probably you could write your own custom function that will give you actions by using names. EDIT: I found a way that you could get a full list of actions SteamVR_Input.actions <-- will return full array of SteamVR_Action foreach(var action in SteamVR_Input.actions) { Debug.Log("action: " + action.fullPath); }
  12. @Annabell You could refer to VIU's example scene, 1.UGUI, which includes a text field.
  13. @SpaceNoid78 Sorry for the late reply. Could you provide more details on your project? Which version of Unity/SteamVR/SteamVR Plugin? By the way, where did you get the OpenVR SDK 1.0.10? Is it this one you are referring to? Could you update your OpenVR SDK to the latest version and see if the issue still existed? Thanks!
  14. @Annabell What kind of action are you referring to? like teleporting? Or those actions define in SteamVR Input?
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