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  1. Hi @Rekkursion Great to hear that your friend can start using hand tracking on Focus 3. Yup, interaction mode required some time to switch controller to hand. The controller needs to put stationary on table for like 2-3 secs.
  2. Hi @12345678912345678912345678, You can manually record the log by using below command line, > adb logcat > xxx.txt Execute the above command right before you launch the apk, thanks! UPDATE: I just tested your apk, it seems ok except that your right hand model did not appear and no pinch event. Did you modify the "9. Tracked Hand UGUI Interaction" scene? What is your Focus 3 rom version?
  3. Hi @12345678912345678912345678 Which VIU version are you using? Did you check Activate Wave Hand Tracking Submodule and Enable Wave Natural Hand in VRModuleSettings.asset file? Which scene did you test on? 9. Tracked Hand UGUI Interaction? Please provide the logs right before you launch the apk and until your scene is loaded? Could you also share your apk for me to debug?
  4. Hi @12345678912345678912345678, You can enable Wave Hand Tracking by modifying the VRModuleSettings asset file, Let me know if you still have issues, thanks!
  5. @bert.haddad You can simply use VRModule.GetCurrentDeviceState(role.GetDeviceIndex()) to get device state which you can query information such as serialNumber, modelNumber, deviceModel, ...etc. Let me know if you are still having issue. UPDATE: Code sample as follows, ViveRoleProperty role = ViveRoleProperty.New(HandRole.RightHand); var deviceState = VRModule.GetCurrentDeviceState(role.GetDeviceIndex());
  6. @bert.haddad What is your project setup environment? Unity: 2020.2.7 Which plugins you installed/imported? VIU? OpenVR plugin? SteamVR Unity plugin? Did you try to play any VIU's example scene? Could you also try to restart SteamVR? Any log in console? UPDATE: I just tested Cosmos and I can get inputs successfully in 1.UGUI scene. My project setup environment is Unity 2020.2.7, VIU v1.13.0-preview9(You can download from VIU github, develop branch) and SteamVR Plugin v2.7.3.
  7. @sapschrott Is that the only device listed when you type adb devices?
  8. @bella-1995 Like you said, the raycastResult will list all objects that it hits. VIU will return the first one(nearest to you) when your raycast hits. We test on UGUI scene with a cube in front of the button, but we didn't see the button was pressed when I pull the trigger button. From the gif image you attached, the button didn't even being hovered when you hit it through the cube. Could you try again or provide the source for further investigation? thanks!
  9. @bella-1995 Could you share your sample project or scripts for further investigation? Thanks!
  10. @bella-1995 You want to block the raycast and only hit the cube instead of the button behind the cube?
  11. @pjchardt Great! Thanks for using VIU and also finding the bug. 🙂
  12. @pjchardt I guess there is something missing again. Could you try this? Line 210 in VRModuleBase.cs, if (deviceState.modelNumber.Contains("Rift S") || deviceState.modelNumber.Contains("Quest")) Before we didn't consider Quest will fall into PC platform.
  13. @pjchardt What is your Oculus App version(Settings>General>at the bottom of the list) that installed on your PC? And also the SteamVR version? My version is Oculus App version and SteamVR version is 1.16.10. Could you also try to print out the information of the device? Thanks! In Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\VRModule\Modules\SteamVRv2Module.cs, line 564, Debug.Log("deviceClass: " + currState.deviceClass); Debug.Log("serialNumber: " + currState.serialNumber); Debug.Log("modelNumber: " + currState.modelNumber); Debug.Log("renderModelName: " + currState.renderModelName); SetupKnownDeviceModel(currState);
  14. @pjchardt I found the root cause and solution. In Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\VRModule\VRModuleBase.cs, line 32, private static readonly Regex s_oculusRgx = new Regex("^.*(oculus|quest).*$", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase); Previously, we did not test this scenario and didn't know the name will not have oculus included. The output of the model name is "Quest (Right Controller)". Please let me know if you still have issues.
  15. @pjchardt Could you import SteamVR Unity Plugin to your project and try again? You cannot only use OpenVR XR Plugin alone without importing SteamVR Unity Plugin.
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