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  1. @bella-1995 Like you said, the raycastResult will list all objects that it hits. VIU will return the first one(nearest to you) when your raycast hits. We test on UGUI scene with a cube in front of the button, but we didn't see the button was pressed when I pull the trigger button. From the gif image you attached, the button didn't even being hovered when you hit it through the cube. Could you try again or provide the source for further investigation? thanks!
  2. @bella-1995 Could you share your sample project or scripts for further investigation? Thanks!
  3. @bella-1995 You want to block the raycast and only hit the cube instead of the button behind the cube?
  4. @pjchardt Great! Thanks for using VIU and also finding the bug. 🙂
  5. @pjchardt I guess there is something missing again. Could you try this? Line 210 in VRModuleBase.cs, if (deviceState.modelNumber.Contains("Rift S") || deviceState.modelNumber.Contains("Quest")) Before we didn't consider Quest will fall into PC platform.
  6. @pjchardt What is your Oculus App version(Settings>General>at the bottom of the list) that installed on your PC? And also the SteamVR version? My version is Oculus App version and SteamVR version is 1.16.10. Could you also try to print out the information of the device? Thanks! In Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\VRModule\Modules\SteamVRv2Module.cs, line 564, Debug.Log("deviceClass: " + currState.deviceClass); Debug.Log("serialNumber: " + currState.serialNumber); Debug.Log("modelNumber: " + currState.modelNumber); Debug.Log("renderModelName:
  7. @pjchardt I found the root cause and solution. In Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\VRModule\VRModuleBase.cs, line 32, private static readonly Regex s_oculusRgx = new Regex("^.*(oculus|quest).*$", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase); Previously, we did not test this scenario and didn't know the name will not have oculus included. The output of the model name is "Quest (Right Controller)". Please let me know if you still have issues.
  8. @pjchardt Could you import SteamVR Unity Plugin to your project and try again? You cannot only use OpenVR XR Plugin alone without importing SteamVR Unity Plugin.
  9. @pjchardt Could you list the versions for Unity XR Plugin(Oculus XR Plugin?) that you installed in your project? Did you import any SDK(Oculus Integration)?
  10. @SolidJuho This is a known issue that we haven't update it to the public version. Please modify below script to fix it manually. In Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\ViveInputUtility\Scripts\ViveInput\ControllerState.cs, line 221, // update hair trigger var rawTriggerPressed = currState.GetButtonPress(VRModuleRawButton.Trigger); var prevTriggerPressed = GetPress(ControllerButton.Trigger, true); var currTriggerPressed = currTriggerValue == 0f ? rawTriggerPressed : (prevTriggerPressed ? currTriggerValue >= 0.45f : currTriggerValue >= 0.55f); Let me know if this still did
  11. @SolidJuho Another quick question, did you try your script in VIU's Example scene?
  12. @SolidJuho Which Unity Editor version did you use? You mean trigger is not working for all(GetPress, GetAxis and GetTrigger)?
  13. @AlGolden It depends on what is your expectations. Do you want your controller to rotate during lost tracking? METHOD1 Your controllers can still rotate at fixed position after lost tracking. In Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\VRModule\Modules\UnityXRModuleBase.cs, line 200, currState.isPoseValid = true || GetDeviceFeatureValueOrDefault(device, CommonUsages.isTracked); METHOD2 Your controllers will be freeze after lost tracking. 1. Enable the ColliderEventCaster game object (yellow box) 2. Empty the "On Is Valid Changed" under PoseTracker (red box)
  14. @AlGolden After further investigation, we found out that Oculus XR Plugin will report isPoseValid=false which leads to release game object. In below screenshot, if pose is invalid, ColliderEventCaster will be SetActive false. But for the case using Vive Focus Plus, the controller is using ultrasonic + IMU fusion tracking. I believe the isPoseValid should be true when controller is connected. There are several workarounds if you want to align the behavior. Or you can import Oculus Integration Unity SDK.
  15. @Alex798 Yes, by using Oculus Integration, that issue is not present. Please let me know if you still having issue. And, we will need time to find the root cause and fix it.
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