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  1. @EntropicLife You can use below API to get the trigger press value. public ViveRoleProperty role = new ViveRoleProperty .New(); ViveInput.GetPress(role, ControllerButton.Trigger); NOTE: remember to set the role to Tracker Role and also double check your tracker settings in SteamVR.
  2. @mindless2831 To get the latest SteamVR Unity Plugin (v2.6.1), please click on the link. In VIU Settings, it will show OpenVR XR Plugin button first, after you install it then SteamVR button will show up after you check the OpenVR checkbox. NOTE: VIU v1.12.0 will download beta version as SteamVR Unity Plugin v2.6.1 was not released yet when VIU v1.12.0 was released
  3. @AlGolden Yes, you can use VIU for cross platform between VIVE Focus/Focus Plus and Quest, but not Quest2 for now. We will add support to Quest2 in the future when we get the device.
  4. @AlGolden As far as I know that Wave SDK cannot run on Pico Neo 2 device. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. @Stanislav Kostikov Glad to hear that your problem is resolved. 😅 Please don't hesitate to ask for help if you encounter issues in the future.
  6. @tanuj.arora If you are using Wave SDK (unitypackage) version, you may encounter a Unity memory leak issue. https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/UnityVRSdk.html Could you try switching to VIVE Wave XR Plugin or use older version of Unity Editor(not newer than 2019.3.6f1)?
  7. @Stanislav Kostikov Could you double check the folder "Assets\Plugins\Android"? There might be some additional files that causes the errors. If you still cannot resolve the errors, could you provide sample project which can reproduce the errors?
  8. @AlGolden Did you try building with PicoVR SDK?
  9. @mindless2831 I never heard of the black screen patches. Please follow below steps, 1. Import VIU v1.12.0 2. Install OpenVR XR Plugin v1.0.1 from VIU Settings 3. There should be a warning message telling you to install SteamVR Plugin in VIU Settings, click the button next to it. If you run into any issue do let me know, thanks!
  10. With latest VIU, you should be able to download OpenVR XR Plugin package(v1.0.1) from VIU Settings (Edit>Preferences>VIU Settings). Are you using VIU v1.12.0? I am located in Taiwan, it is 2pm here ^^
  11. @mindless2831 You should be able to use SteamVR Plugin v2.6.1 with latest OpenXR Plugin and VIU.
  12. @mindless2831 Actually VIU v1.12.0 already published to Asset Store as well as Unity Package Manager. You don't need that zip file if you updated VIU to latest version.
  13. You need to find a VIVE Focus or Focus plus to run the hellovr.apk that you built. Xiaomi or other brand Android mobile phone are not supported.
  14. Which Android Phone? You can only use Wave SDK on Wave devices (Focus/Focus Plus).
  15. Have you tried using the VIVE Wave XR Plugin - Essence? By installing the Essence, you can "import Feature - Controller" from Edit>Project Settings>Wave XR>Essence. But I am not sure if this will add Pico g2 controller model, I don't have this device.
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