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  1. @iMMERGENCE Which version of Windows? If you try to allow your application to run as administrator, will this error occurs?
  2. @jboss Does it happen everytime when you pressed on the Pad? I tested on my side, it seems only a couple of times(not very easily to reproduce, probably 1 out 10 or less) it will false trigger twice in a row. And, I found out that there is thread for people complaining that FixedUpdate will execute twice. Either you can use a flag to avoid this to happen or use Update instead.
  3. @burkedrane Are you working in 2D or 3D? For getting the time, you want to get a time when you pressed on trigger, then get another time when you released it? You can simply get the time from the system by using the Time class. If I misunderstood your question, please provide an example, thanks!
  4. @h-shirakami If your controller lies on the floor, but in your scene, your controller seems to float in the air, it is because the height is not adjusted correctly. Previously, in this post, I did mention about how is the height setup in Vive Focus Plus, Since the default value of Vive Focus Plus is 175cm, it might depends on how you put on the HMD. If you are putting on while standing up, and the floor is still not the right height, you simply can adjust by using the Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\ViveInputUtility\Examples\Shared\Scripts\CustomDeviceHeight.cs from VIU. You can refer to VIU's example scene, Teleport scene, VROrigin>DeviceHeight, here is the script that you can adjust the height. NOTE: Remember to add below code EDIT: @h-shirakami To double confirm I understood your question, You mean after you teleport, then your position seems to move higher than original position? Before you teleport, does your controller floating in the air or lie on the ground?
  5. @ben-FLOAT Do you mind updating your VIU to latest version and check again if the issue still occurs? In your project, you only import VIU and run under VIU's simulator mode? What else I need to take note to reproduce the issue?
  6. @h-shirakami After changing the source code, your Vive Focus Plus still getting low performance?
  7. Just to let you know that this might not be fast and quick. It is not under my control. Sorry for the inconvenience. Do you have other alternative way to do it? XD
  8. I heard from Tony a few days ago that there might be some security concern. It requires additional information from our security team to double check.
  9. @Pandiabolism If you update your SteamVR Plugin to 2.0 and above, I don't think using the DeviceID to get the button input will still work. What is your SteamVR Plugin and VIU version?
  10. @h-shirakami Actually VIU camera will attach WaveVR_Render.cs. Could you try adding the code provided by Tony and try again?
  11. @jasper1234 If you would like to setup a tracker as controller, you will need to power off one of the controllers. The maximum number of controllers is 2, no matter it is 1 controller + 1 tracker or 2 trackers or 2 controllers. Please refer to this post.
  12. @h-shirakami Please update your SDKs (VIU v1.10.6 from Asset Store and WaveSDK 3.1.4) to the latest version. And add below code, Under Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\VRModule\Modules\WaveVRModule.cs, line 771 after the override function TriggerViveControllerHaptic, #if VIU_WAVEVR_3_1_0_OR_NEWER public override void TriggerHapticVibration(uint deviceIndex, float durationSeconds = 0.01f, float frequency = 85, float amplitude = 0.125f, float startSecondsFromNow = 0) { var deviceInput = WaveVR_Controller.Input(s_index2type[deviceIndex]); if (deviceInput != null) { if (0 <= amplitude || amplitude <= 0.2) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Weak); } else if (0.2 < amplitude || amplitude <= 0.4) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Light); } else if (0.4 < amplitude || amplitude <= 0.6) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Normal); } else if (0.6 < amplitude || amplitude <= 0.8) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Strong); } else if (0.8 < amplitude || amplitude <= 1) { Interop.WVR_TriggerVibration(deviceInput.DeviceType, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad, (uint)(durationSeconds * 1000000), (uint)frequency, WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Severe); } } } #endif Now you can trigger vibrate by calling ViveInput.TriggerHapticVibration(role, hapticValue). hapticValue is in seconds, if you set it to 1 sec, it will roughly be alittle bit more than 1 sec up to 2 sec. I double check internally that Vive Focus Plus' controller does not have any intensity level, I hope this new API is enough for your development.
  13. @h-shirakami I found out that VIU currently is using old haptic API. This API's maximum vibration time is very short. In latest WaveSDK(v3.1.4), there is new API for haptic. I will provide patch for you by tomorrow to fix this part.
  14. @iMMERGENCE Did you try using VIU's binding interface? Please refer to below link and try again. https://github.com/ViveSoftware/ViveInputUtility-Unity/wiki/Embedded-Binding-Interface If you still cannot resolve the issue, please let me know!
  15. @tl0r With latest WaveVR SDK (>3.1), Simulator updates to Direct Preview.
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