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  1. Just curious why your previous code (without install Oculus XR Plugin) can work on Oculus Quest?
  2. @Fangh I am not sure how "Wave/Xr/Platform/Android" this folder is created. By default, this was not created by Wave XR Plugin. Anyway, good to hear you resolve the issue.
  3. Just the one in Assets/Plugins/Android. Are you using Vive Wave XR Plugin 4.1.1-r3.2?
  4. @Fangh It looks like the Theme.WaveVR.Loading is from old Wave SDK? Could you try deleting the AndroidManifest.xml and let Wave XR Plugin to auto-create one during build time?
  5. @Fangh Is your issue resolved? Now you can get inputs for Focus 3 and Oculus Quest?
  6. @Fangh For running on Oculus platform, you will need to import Oculus Integration SDK or at least Oculus XR Plugin. It will be better to create a new project for Oculus.
  7. Hi @Fangh, It seems you have import VIU 1.13.4. You can try following methods to see if this resolves your problem. public ViveRoleProperty role = ViveRoleProperty.New(); if (ViveInput.GetPress(role, ControllerButton.Trigger)) { // } if (ViveInput.GetPress(role, ControllerButton.Grip)) { // } if (ViveInput.GetPress(role, ControllerButton.Pad)) { // } For controller name, you can try below code. var deviceState = VRModule.GetCurrentDeviceState(role.GetDeviceIndex()); deviceState.modelNumber or deviceState.renderModelName Let me know if you have further questions.
  8. @jboss If you import Oculus Integration from Asset Store, probably the version shows in Asset Store will be your final version. Anyway, I will just use the latest version from Asset Store and try, thanks! UPDATE: You can also use below method to get velocity that provided by Oculus SDK. public ViveRoleProperty role = ViveRoleProperty.New(); or ViveRoleProperty.New(HandRole.RightHand); var deviceState = VRModule.GetCurrentDeviceState(role.GetDeviceIndex()); Debug.Log("velocity: " + deviceState.velocity);
  9. @jboss Could you list your project setup environment such as Unity version, SDK(VIU/Oculus Integration) version... etc.
  10. @dlobser I think your previous error comes from the Samples folder. Maybe you did not fully import what is needed. Could you try deleting the Samples folder?
  11. @jwatson This might need more time to check and I will also check with Wave XR Plugin team. Will reply you later.
  12. @jwatson I just move the Asset/Wave folder inside Asset/3rd_party/Wave folder, it seems ok. Don't move the folder in Unity Editor, use Windows file explorer. I am not sure will you get an unexpected error, let me know if you have issue.
  13. You mentioned you "followed the wave installation directions", where did you get the directions from? And, could you screenshot your project folders to me? For example, If it is brand new, I assume your folders will be much lesser.
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