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  1. @muella91, May I please know which engine you are using to develop your application? Unity? Unreal? Which SteamVR Plugin version?
  2. @VictoryVR, Could you please try method below? Print out the buildtime, but the version might not be the same as the public release version. For example, I tested on WaveSDK v3.1.6, but it prints out as v3.1.5.
  3. OK, I will take a look at the issue you found, thanks! Yup, direct preview only works for Windows platform.
  4. What's your Focus's rom version? I think you might need to update the rom to the latest version.
  5. Have you tried DirectPreview before? https://forum.vive.com/topic/6563-feature-intro-of-direct-preview-from-311-beta/
  6. @mgstauffalt For the latest stable build, we will always update to VIU GitHub. For Unity Asset store, it will not be updated very frequently unless we do have critical issue or update to release.
  7. @mgstauffalt We are adding Oculus XR Plugin support within VIU. It will work just like Oculus Desktop or Oculus Android packages. At the same time, we are also trying to integrate Input System too. For supporting SteamVR and WMR, we will take a look after complete integration with Oculus devices. Everything is not 100% confirm at this point, we are still figuring out the best integration method.
  8. @mgstauffalt Currently, we are integrating Oculus XR Plugin for VIU. We plan to integrate for all VR devices, but some of the XR plugins are still in preview, we do not have a specific date for release yet.
  9. @AlBAO Yes, you got my point. I just tested on my side, and it works like what I said. Previously, I encounter with an issue that I do have that many dongles, but I couldn't pair with one last tracker. It is because 2 trackers were paired with one dongle, so one of the trackers will not be able to pair at the same time.
  10. NOTE: It is possible that a dongle is paired with 2 trackers(not at the same time). For example, after power off A tracker, and pair B tracker. If this issue happens, please try to unpair all trackers and re-pair again.
  11. Recently, I tred to help a developer on GitHub. I tested with 1*HMD, 2*VIVE controllers, 2*Base stations and 9 VIVE trackers. I did not have any additional tracker devices to test whether VIU does support higher device counts or not.
  12. Great to hear that! 👍 EDIT: I tried your method and it works, thanks for sharing!
  13. Got it, I will take a look at it and let you know if I have any idea.
  14. Didn't you and I get the same response? Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW dat=file: typ=video/mp4 } Sorry, I still don't quite get where is your problem.
  15. Please clarify your questions again. Are you trying to play mp4 files on Android emulator or Focus? Are you running Focus rom on your Android emulator? Like I said, I tried using USB cable or "adb over Wifi", both works with Focus device.
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