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  1. I got the same thing in device manager (0000002) yet I'm starting to wonder how accurate these numbers are. HWiNFO64 shows my GTX 1080 running on version 3.0 while the device manager is showing value 00000002. The same program, of course, shows 2.0 for the WiGig card no matter where I put it and of course 00000002 in the device manager. I also had the WiGig card in the same slot which shows version 3.0 for the video card currently. BIOS is set from Auto to Gen3 now. I'm starting to wonder if the BIOS won't run this card on Gen3 because it's not a video card or it won't run t
  2. https://www.hwinfo.com/ Seems safe to download and it's quick to use. This morning I moved the Intel WiGig card to the bottom x1 slot. Not much changed. I changed SteamVR and opted out of BETA and things seemed to improve. It's still stuck on 2.0gen though.
  3. What ASUS says they are and a link: Z170-E specs My current processor and installed memory I tried forcing 3.0 in my BIOS settings and changed it to that but it still shows up as 2.0 in windows thus I'm only getting 5.0 GT/S. I also just updated my BIOS today to the latest version. I also tried switching cards around from the small connector 1x to one of the 16x connectors and in different locations. All with the same results. Performance is ok. MY CPU utilization is quite high but not always at 100% (70-90%). I can run VR but it isn't as good as it was wired. There
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