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  1. I installed the content created for vive focus on vive focus plus. In vive focus, it was operating at 75fps, but in vive focus plus, it drops from 75fps to sometimes 40FPS. Does anyone have the same experience? Developed with waveVR and vive input utility. @Tony PH Lin @Dario
  2. I just started WaveSDK Read the document's WaveVR_ControllerPointer, I thought that I needed a ControllerModel Many of what I wanted to do can be realized with WaveSDK + ViveInputUtility Thank you
  3. Hi. I am reading the WaveVR_ControllerPointer in the document of WaveUnitySDK I found the following description Resources •The pointer Prefabs (ControllerPointerL, ControllerPointerR) of controller are located in Assets/ControllerModel/Finch/Prefabs. I could not find Assets / ControllerModel / Finch / Prefabs. Below is the package import There is no ControllerModel Where do I import ControllerModel
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